The 3 Common Mistakes To Avoid When You’re A SaaS Developer


Developing a software suite that you expect people to pay for on an ongoing basis is not an easy feat. it takes a lot of dedication and patience. There will be a lot of setbacks and unexpected surprises that slow down the deployment of the software. Many of those issues will be difficult to predict but some are expected.

The problem is that you make mistakes that slow down the project and can even derail it if you aren’t careful. There are many common mistakes that developers make when building their SaaS that you should avoid. In this article, we will go over what some of them are.

1 – Not testing continuously

Many developers make the mistake of waiting until the software is completely finished and then trying to test it. They expect there to be bugs, so it isn’t unexpected when there are problems that need to be fixed before they can roll it out to the public.

However, usually, there is a lot to be fixed and it takes a lot of work to unravel those problems and then try to go through each one to debug them. It sometimes gets so complicated that it seems like it would be better to simply start over.

This is why many developers these days use continuous delivery testing systems. They will test during the entire process and at every stage of the development of the software. When a bug pops up it can be fixed in real time before moving forward. Usually, it is easier to fix since it is earlier in the process and not as complicated to fix.

2 – Ignoring the user experience (UX)

It doesn’t matter how ingenious your software is if it has a bad UX. After all, a user is supposed to make use of the software and if the experience is poor or it is difficult to use then you won’t have any success with it.

It should be very high on your list of priorities to have a good user experience so your software works and is a pleasure to use for the people who spend money on it. They shouldn’t have to wonder how to navigate the pages or have to search to find the way to upgrade their membership.

3 – Not focusing on security

There have been so many breaches of big name companies’ databases that it is on a lot of consumers’ radars these days. They are rightly nervous about giving up their personal and professional data to a company that could end up hacked and in the wrong hands.

Make sure that you are constantly testing for security vulnerabilities so you can assure your users that their data is in good hands. The worst thing that could happen is a security breach that takes down your platform and ends up destroying your business. If you can show that your security is solid then you will end up with more subscribers since they trust you.



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