What Is It Like Recovering from Reflux Surgery?


If you have gastroesophageal reflux disorder and have taken medication without relief, you might want to consult your doctor on the possibility of getting surgery. The condition affects your life because if your gut has an issue, your health becomes compromised. The reflux condition occurs when the sphincter on your stomach fails, so the stomach contents flow back to the mouth. With time the acidic content affects your pipe and mouth, making it hard for you to eat. If this sounds like something you need help with, learn more at reflux surgery Atlanta.

What Happens During The Surgery 

After your doctor resolves that you will benefit from the surgery, you will undergo fundoplication surgery. The surgeon can either use the laparoscopy technique oropen surgery. If the surgeon uses the laparoscopy technique, you will have minimal scarring and wound compared to open surgery. You will get prepped for surgery and given anesthesia. The surgeon proceeds to make a tiny incision and uses the incision to insert a small tube with a camera and light and undertakes the surgery. The sphincter gets wrapped to the degree that will give you the best relief. For instance, the Nissen 360-degree wrap is suitable if you have the worst form of reflux. 

What To Expect During Recovery 

  • Hospital Stay 

After the surgery, you will not go back home immediately. You will stay at the hospital for some days as the medical team observes your recovery. 

  • Ability to Eat Becomes Hampered 

After surgery, you will not eat solid foods because your fundus needs to heal fully. The medics will run a gastronomy tube that will allow your body to get the requisite nutrients. Depending on the healing rate and your health needs, you might have the feeding tube for several days or permanently. 

  • You will have Dressings

The surgeon will cover the incision using dressings or adhesive strips. You need to take care of the dressing so that they do not get pulled and cause more pain and bleeding. You will not also manage to take a bath until the doctor removes the dressing. 

  • Pain Medication 

The doctor will prescribe some medications to help you have comfort during the healing process. You should talk to your doctor if the medicines prescribed do not seem to deal with the pain. 

  • Life After Hospital Discharge 

If the doctor evaluates your healing and certifies that you can continue recovering at home, you will need someone to take you home. Also, if the doctor has removed the gastronomy tube, you will have to alter your diet until you fully recover. You will stick to liquid foods until a month when you can slowly start introducing solid foods. Also, you will need to attend your regular clinics to get checked. 

Do you know that nearly twenty percent of people in the country have GERD? At Peachtree Surgical and Bariatrics, some surgeons perform innovative surgeries to help you overcome the unpleasant symptoms caused by the condition. You can book your appointment today.


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