How to Use a Gel Light


Having great-looking nails is something many women love and enjoy. The manicure, taking the time out of your day to stop by the nail salon, wait in line, pick your color, wait for your service, and drying time – it’s not something that can be accomplished in a short amount of time – not to the mention the price. Meanwhile, life goes on around you. Work, family, meal preparation, errands, time with friends, and other tasks are still waiting for you. So while getting a manicure is excellent, there has to be another option to achieve the look of salon nails without investing the time and money every two to three weeks to get them done.


So what options are there to look your best, make the best use of your time, and not break the bank? This is why we can’t get enough of semi cured gel nails. This option is an absolute game changer that will make you wonder why you invested so much time and money at the nail salon before.

First Things First

Semi cured gel nails have several perks. First, these nails are made of natural liquid gel – they aren’t vinyl or plastic but are more of a gel-type strip you apply to your nail. In fact, they are 60 percent liquid gel and completely harden once used under the gel light. The nail is triple-layered with a base, color, and top coat for ultimate strength. They also have a c-curved nail edge, which allows the nail edges to completely adhere, which makes them last even longer. All of the ingredients used with semi cured nails are vegan, non-toxic, and hazard-free.

Steps to Prep

To get started, it’s essential to prepare your nails by washing your hands. This will help get rid of any dirt, sweat, or grime trapped on or under your nails. These pads are included with every nail strip purchase. If you don’t properly prepare the nail, the adhesive on the nail strips may not entirely stick to your natural nails.


Next, find your favorite nail color or style to compliment the occasion you’re preparing for.  Choose the nail strip that looks as though it will closely fit your natural nail. Peel off the clear film and apply it to your nail. Leave a small space above the cuticle. Once placed, adjust the length of the gel strip using nail clippers, cutting it slightly longer than your nail. Then, use the included wood stick to press the edges to help ensure a stronger hold.


Curing the semi cured gel nails with a gel light is extremely important. This curing process is what hardens the nail, gives it a more glossy appearance, and provides an overall stronger, longer-lasting nail. Using a gel light on semi cured gel nails can provide up to 14 days of wear and tear, just like you would receive at a salon! If you’re looking for a little extra shine, apply another coat of top gloss, followed by the gel light. File your nails to your desired shape and length to finish off the look. We guarantee no one will know you did your nails at home. Over time, this awesome hack could save you exuberant amounts of money and time.

Overcoming the Myths

Since gel manicures have hit the scene, there have been many concerns that have been raised regarding the gel lights that set semi cured gel nails. However, now that more research has been done on this method, we’re here to bust some myths we’ve heard over time.


One issue that was first brought to the surface during the height of gel-nail popularity was the damage that UV lights can cause. It was said that UV radiation could cause skin damage over time, including premature wrinkles, age spots, and even sun cancer. After extensive research, the FDA found that gel lights have an extremely low risk of causing skin damage to ordinary healthy people. To date, the FDA has not received any reports of burns or cancer as a result of gel lights.

Removal Without the Damage

As far as removal, the product does contain acetone, which can be damaging to nails. However, this hypoallergenic remover reduces irritation and works to provide a gentle remover, which minimizes the damage to your natural nails.


Overall, this at-home system is what any busy individual has been looking for when it comes to saving time and money. You can purchase the entire system for cheaper than the cost of a manicure. Did we mention that they also have pedicure options? And you won’t be choosing from just solid nail colors. This collection has the ultimate selection of simple nails, glitter, to intricate nail art designs. The best part? Switch your nail colors as often as you’d like! No need to wait for your next nail appointment to make a change or mix up your theme.


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