Why Parents In Singapore Send Their Kids To Piano Classes


Many Singaporean parents like to send their kids to piano lessons Singapore. Why do parents in Singapore want their kids to learn how to play the piano? Here are some of the reasons why that is so.

First of all, parents send their little ones to take piano lessons so that they can potentially become a piano teacher in future too as a part time job or even full-time job. Singapore is a very expensive country to stay in, with sky high living costs. As a result of that, parents want their kids to be able to have the ability to earn as much as they possibly can. Therefore, if their children are able to learn how to play the piano, and go through the graded ABRSM music examinations, they would then be able to earn at least extra part time income as a piano teacher teaching classes in the future when they are adults.

Second of all, Singapore is a highly competitive society. Since research has often shown that learning a musical instrument such as the piano is often linked to increased gray matter in the brains, which translates usually into higher IQ levels, sending their children to piano lessons will mean that their child may have a better advantage or head start over others. This will then enable their kids to perform better academically in school, and eventually have an edge in their careers when they are grown up adults too. This is a big reason why parents in Singapore send their child or children to piano classes in Singapore.

Third of all, there is no doubt that one of the reasons is also because many Singaporeans have a kiasu personality. This means that they do not want to lose out to others. Since many other parents also send their little ones to piano classes, they too follow that action. But since there are real tangible benefits to learning this musical instrument, it may not necessarily be classified as kiasu, but perhaps as doing the smart thing for their children’s future!

Next of all, some school students in Singapore take something called a Music Elective Programme (MEP). It is basically a program in school, where instead of learning the “typical” subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and more, students get to learn music and an instrument like the piano. Therefore, some students also request their parents to send them to piano lessons as a form of extra tuition to improve their piano playing skills. This way, they can ideally score better academically in their MEP in their schools.

Last but not least, in an Asian society such as Singapore, whether it is true or not, being able to play a musical instrument can sometimes be seen as being more “cultured” and can be perceived as belonging to the upper class in society. Since Asians have a reputation for caring about their reputation quite a lot, you can easily see why many Singaporean parents send their children to learn a musical instrument like the piano.


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