Ways to Manage Sciatica

Ways to Manage Sciatica

Most people take sciatica lightly since they perceive it as only pain which radiates down into the right or left buttock. However, people do not understand that the pain can be excruciating and debilitating, making you unable to get out of the couch. Sciatica is a serious issue since people risk between 10-40% of suffering from it. The Sciatica Frisco program has been set up to control the rising cases of Sciatica in the region. You can suffer from Sciatica if your nerve is pinched, your vertebrae overgrow, or your spine has a herniated disk. The following are measures to manage Sciatica.

Apply low-level heat Ice Pack

┬áMastering alternate ice and heat therapy can help relieve your sciatic pain. Using the ice helps to reduce the inflammation in the affected area. On the other hand, the heat helps to increase the blood flow in the area where you are experiencing pain, boosting the recovery process. Moreover, applying both heat and ice helps decrease the painful muscle spasms increasing the Sciatica’s extent. To have optimum results, you should control the time you are using the heat and ice. For instance, you can apply heat for approximately 15 minutes every two hours and an ice pack for 15 minutes every hour. To protect against further injuries, you should use a towel to protect your body from either heat or ice.

Through physical exercise

Physical exercises are vital in reducing pain. Different exercises are meant for different purposes in your body. For example, you can engage in strengthening and stretching exercises that can help reduce stress, especially in the lower part of the back. Furthermore, exercise can help boost the healing process of the soft tissues. This instance promotes the nervous system’s operation, which can help reduce the pain in the affected parts of the body. Notably, the sciatic exercises comprise practices that reduce the stress on the sciatic nerve system, which helps in relieving pain.

Apply medication

Some medications are better than others when relieving pain. For example, topical gels provide an effective and faster mechanism for relieving pain. The medications get into the tissues and operate from within, just like other body chemicals. The topical medications do not have long-term side effects hence becoming safe in pain relief. You can easily buy the topical medications over the counter and apply them depending on the prescriptions when you need the topical medications. When you are using these medications to reduce pain, you should not apply heating or ice on the affected area since they can reduce the effectiveness of the medication.

Wear hip brace supported on groin

Wearing the braces above the lower back is essential in reducing back pain. Essentially, the braces help to increase the stability of the lumbar tissues. Also,braces play a vital role in controlling the spine’s extreme movements, which help reduce pain in the nerve roots. There is a particular kind of braces that can also be applied to support the groin region, thus reducing the pain in the area.

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