Facts you Didn’t Know About Sports Medicine


Which is your first contact point if you have recurrent sports injuries such as dislocations, fractures, and rotator cuff injuries? Most people go to the public healthcare facility, even though they may take a long time before being treated, worsening the condition.   To avoid these problems, you should consider having a Sports Medicine. If you are suffering from these problems, Dr. Peter Wenger is an Orthopedics & Sports Injury Specialist who has been helping the patient attain full recovery. The following is the crucial information you should understand before visiting the institution.

Who is a Sports Medicine Physician?

The physician is a specialist with specialized training in treating or preventing illness and injury, boosting overall performance and health.

Facts about Sports and Family Medicine Field

The following are the crucial facts that you could be missing.

It is a subspecialty in orthopedic surgery.

Orthopedic surgery is a broad topic. Sports medicine is a subspecialty in orthopedics surgery where the orthopedists carry out an extra year of fellowship with training in sports. This process helps them refine and develop skills in caring for the injuries using arthroscopic or minimally invasive procedures.

The Sports Medicine doctor has a hectic life.

There are high sports-related injuries that orthopedics has to diagnose the patients and understand their condition to choose whether they should undergo surgery. In most instances, orthopedics work for 12 hours a day, whether in the office or carrying out surgeries. These specialists have approximately 40 patients a week and can perform up to eight surgeries a week. Therefore, they have less time to relax or share with their family.

Not all orthopedic physicians are trained in sports Medicine

Most people assume that you automatically qualify for Sports Medicine if you are an orthopedic. However, this is not the case because you have to take an extra year of medical training to succeed. The training is mainly done in a big university’s orthopedic program, covering professional and athletic teams.

Not all Sports Injuries Requires Surgery

When an athlete is injured, having orthopedic surgery is the main thought that pops up. However, the research has shown that most injury treatments are done without the patient undergoing surgery. For instance, if you visit the orthopedic early and your conditions are not critical, the specialist can choose another treatment, such as therapy rather than surgery. However, in some instances, the orthopedic can carry out surgeries for the ACL reconstructions, rotator cut-off repairs, and shoulder dislocation surgeries. You have to visit the orthopedics to determine whether your condition requires surgery.

 If you have been suffering recurrent sports injuries, it is a sign that you have to visit an orthopedic specialist. Princeton Sports & Family Medicine facility has been set up to help the athletes attain full recovery while reducing the risk of suffering from other injuries. The facility has a team of specialists which you can choose from. Book your appointment and visit the facility to end your suffering.


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