O Lantern classic 2 Pro


The latest rechargeable Olantern classic 2 Pro is a remarkable multi-purpose lantern, broadcasting uniform and regular 360-degree nearby lighting. The Warm White LEDs and Orange LEDs are interchangeable for fun with many scenarios.  You can also get Built-in 3.6V 11200mAh Rechargeable Battery with MCC USB Magnetic Charging Cable.


Reassuring running time: Run by an Olantern Classic 2 Pro (Batteries Built-in) x 1 batteries, it can last 180 hours with 300 lumens output.

Two LED modules: A portable 360-degree LED light with warm orange LEDs to warm white LEDs.

Compact backpacking lantern: Its body is mainly made of Metal and PC, permitting it to be hard yet lightweight or you can simply hang it with the linked handle or the optimal magnetic hook.

Multi-purpose camping light: With user-friendly design for open-air activities like camping, hiking, exploring and hunting, outdoor sports, fishing and wild photography. It takes only four hours to be completely charged via the USB-C if you use a high-run adapter.

Having two output interfaces (USB-C & USB-A): it supports 18W reverse charge and is the best solution for charging small fans, mobile gadgets, small speakers, etc.

Vintage style: Inspired by classic barn-style lanterns, the lantern is designed to provide you state of the art specs with an old-school look.

Why use O Lantern classic 2 Pro?

While many applications exist for LED lights, an O Lantern classic 2 Pro is a very famous for indoors and outdoors use. When grounded combined, LEDs can provide a powerful beam of light which can be targeted in a one way or in several directions. An LED lantern usually focuses the beam of light in many directions to cast off enough light to light up the quick area. The LED lantern brightness depends on how many LEDs are clustered in the lantern itself.

O Lantern classic 2 Pro lantern are becoming more important for emergency objectives as well. During blackouts in buildings, LEDs are generally for back-up lighting in stairways and hallways; LED lanterns are general in emergency kits for vehicles and office buildings because of their long lives and low energy use, and search and rescue teams use LED headlamps, lanterns, and LED flashlights in a range of emergency settings.

Advantages of O Lantern classic 2 Pro


A lantern should be capable to brightly light up a campsite and also let you amazingly read in your tent. The brightness of an LED lantern is measured in lumens – 40-80 lumens is a relaxed low setting, and 250-400 an illuminating high setting. You will just truly need more than if your campsite is amazingly big. O Lantern classic 2 Pro provides max output 300 lumens with 180 hours runtime.

Battery life

If you are going on a camping tour, you don’t want to recharge your lantern or have to bring a bunch of additional batteries. A best lantern should last a couple of nights on single charge like O Lantern classic 2 Pro. 20 hours on a high setting and hundred hours on low setting is a remarkable place to begin. LED lanterns generally come in either battery-run or rechargeable options, but some come in both.


Many people can carry LED lanterns around them or tie them to their bags. It is also value noting that battery-run lanterns do not list the weight with batteries added, so it is vital to account for that if you are trying to pack light.


A best lantern needs to be capable to take some falls, it is an open-air piece of equipment, and the hard atmosphere will inevitably lead to some issues. Lanterns should be capable to withstand a fall from a standard carry height and need to be water-resistant to save from the accidental and rain spills.

Factors to Consider

Here are some of the factors to consider before buy O Lantern classic 2 Pro:

Weight and size

Depending on what kind of camping you are doing, a lantern that is simple to pack and transport may be one of the most vital factors.

Backpackers will want to go for lightweight and smaller model that would not slow you down with high weight, but car campers who are not hesitate about area restrictions may favor a heavier lighter with bigger light output.

Electric lanterns tend to have more perfect designs, while gas-run and candle lanterns tend to be heavier in weight and big in size.


A perfect camping lantern is one that can persist via even the most hard and rugged situations without leaving you in the dark.

It is vital to find lantern made of powerful, high standard materials that are designed to withstand the outdoors. Many campers also need a water-resistant or even waterproof lantern that can get wet without being destroyed. In the end, you want a lantern that will stay in top situation and last you as long as possible.


The primary objective of a camping lantern is to give sufficient light output, and different lanterns provide differing levels of brightness. A lantern light output is calculated in lumens, and more lumens mean a bright and stronger light.

Anyway, a maximum light output generally means decreased efficiency and little battery life or burning time. Most campers just need anywhere from 100 to 200 lumens, but larger groups may need up to four hundred lumens to get enough light.

There are lots of electric lanterns that work just as well without running the danger of catching fire or emitting bad fumes.

Extra features

Even though camping lanterns are initially used to emit light, a lot of new lanterns can come equipped with a host of other specs that are equally helpful.

These can include hanging hooks, light adjustability, extra light settings, and even USB posts to charge phones and other gadgets. If you are looking for something a bit more latest, then these specs may inform your decision as much as the factors described above. For more details on O Lantern Classic 2 Pro, read the article – now Olantern Classic 2 is here!



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