A Cryptocurrency Exchange With The Lowest Fees


When working with cryptocurrencies, you must pick a platform or several platforms for transactions and operations with assets. The market offers many different services and exchanges for trading and investment. In this article, we will discuss one of them. 

We picked the WhiteBIT exchange because it charges lower fees than other popular cryptocurrency platforms. Moreover, the fee does not change depending on the number of coins you buy or sell. That sounds attractive to crypto traders, which is one reason why the WhiteBIT exchange is very popular in Europe.

How To Buy Cryptocurrency On WhiteBIT

The WhiteBIT platform is a young company that works under European jurisdiction. The exchange has the following features:

  • The opportunity to buy cryptocurrency with fiat money using a bank card.
  • Two-factor authentication 
  • 96% of users’ investments are stored offline on cold wallets. It provides security for users’ funds.
  • A variety of trading tools: spot, margin, futures, etc.
  • Over 400 trading pairs are available on the exchange, including pairs with fiat.
  • The cryptocurrency exchange fees are moderate – 0,10%.
  • The opportunity to receive passive income – staking. The essence of staking is to keep your funds on the exchange and receive interest from it.
  • The exchange has a separate Blog where you can find a lot of interesting and helpful information and news from the industry. Also, there are guides on how to trade, the description of new crypto projects, etc.
  • Demo trading. Both beginners and experienced traders will find it attractive to have the opportunity to practice trading without the risk of losing money.

Other popular cryptocurrency exchanges with average fees are: Bitstamp, Kraken, Coinbase, ByBit, and Binance. 

Before starting your work with any crypto platform, learn its fee policy thoroughly because every platform sets commissions on different products, which may vary. 


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