6 Uses Of Custom Woven Blankets You Can Avail


A woven blanket can be both a valuable and attractive accent piece. It may be used to give any room a splash of colour. You may switch out these rugs and throws each season to correspond with your preferred holiday and time of year. They come in a massive selection of colours and patterns as well. The advantages of owning a woven blanket are numerous.

You might decide to have the woven blanket specially produced if you want to use it to protect your furnishings. Compared to a nonwoven product, custom woven blankets are made from thick fabric. The material mainly comprises cotton, a cotton/polyester blend, or polyester.

Wool Blankets Control Temperature

Due to its exceptional breathability, Wool naturally regulates your body temperature while you sleep, allowing you to sleep more soundly. Since it is a good insulator, it will shield you from the cooler outside air. Absorbing and expelling the natural humidity your body produces can help stop heat from building up under the covers. Wool may pull perspiration away from your body as you sleep by absorbing roughly 33% of its weight in moisture.

Wool Blankets Can Withstand Fire

Wool is a terrible choice for fire fuel. Wool blankets are preferred by hikers and anyone who goes on outdoor excursions because of their inherent fire resistance. If Wool does ignite for whatever reason, the fire will smoulder and extinguish itself without growing. Wool carpeting makes air and train travel safer, firefighters are protected by wool outfits, and the military equips its troops with wool blankets.

Blankets Made Of Wool Are Hypoallergenic

 Dust mites cannot live in Wool because it is permeable and naturally regulates temperature by wicking away moisture. Dust mites can only survive in moist, humid environments. Wool also inhibits the development of fungus spores, which need a warm, damp environment to survive.

Wool Blankets Wick Moisture Away.

Wool accomplishes precisely what is meant by the term “wick away,” which is to absorb or drain moisture. The perspiration and humidity from your body that is permitted to dissipate into the air is the moisture that Wool collects from the inside while repelling it from the outside.

Wool generates a dry microclimate that makes controlling the temperature simple. Wool’s ability to resist and absorb/evaporate moisture helps to keep humid conditions under control.

Blankets Away Moisture Wool Blankets

Wool wicks away, which is the technical term for absorbing or draining moisture. Wool wicks away moisture from the outside while soaking up moisture from the inside, such as perspiration and bodily moisture that is allowed to evaporate into the atmosphere.

. Wool generates a dry microclimate that makes it simple to control the temperature. Wool’s repelling and absorbing/evaporating qualities help to keep humid conditions under control.


As you can see, Wool has advantages that can shield you and your family from germs, fungal spores, and dust mites that may otherwise harm your health.

custom woven blankets come in different grades of quality, and mixed wool blankets could not provide all the advantages of a purely customized wool blanket.

The fact that wool blankets and other bedding accessories last a lifetime and maybe longer makes them well worth the price.



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