Understanding more about hormone replacement therapy as an anti-aging


As you advance in age, the signs of aging usually appear due to environmental factors or hormones. In most cases, as you age, the hormones being produced in the body also reduce, thus causing some symptoms of aging to form on your skin. You are advised to be concerned anytime your hormone levels drop because it can result in physical and physiological changes. Therefore, if your signs of aging have started emerging and you are interested in using hormone replacement therapy to eliminate them, New York anti-aging specialists provide a solution to your concerns. They offer a comprehensive evaluation to help determine which hormone levels are low. They are also experts in providing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to help balance your hormonal levels. Doing so offers symptomatic relief to both women and men. Below is all you need to know concerning hormone replacement therapy.

What is hormone replacement therapy?

It is a treatment option offered to help balance your hormonal levels using hormone supplements. Mainly, bioidentical hormones are commonly used. They are hormones derived from plants and are just like your natural hormones.

Why should you consider hormone replacement therapy?

If you are experiencing symptoms of imbalanced hormones like sleep disturbance, weight gain, loss of hair, memory loss, loss of muscle tone, reduced mental clarity, chronic fatigue, and reduced interest in sex, you require hormone replacement therapy. Panic attacks, mood swings, and depression can also be due to hormonal imbalance. Usually, most of the above symptoms emerge as you age and when women enter menopause. The symptoms can also be due to underlying conditions. Therefore, it is essential to perform diagnostic evaluations such as blood tests to determine your hormonal levels. Doing so helps determine if you qualify to receive hormone replacement therapy.

What does hormone replacement therapy entail?

Usually, this therapy is present in various forms making it easy to include them in your lifestyle. The forms are available depending on your needs. Therefore, it might involve capsules, pills, injections, or creams. All these forms might not provide you with all the benefits you need from the treatment. In this case, your care provider encourages the use of pellet therapy.

How does pellet therapy work?

One of the easy and effective ways of delivering a consistent and large number of hormones into the body is using pellets. Your caregiver usually implants the pellets underneath the skin of your gluteus muscle. It is generally implanted during a surgical procedure. The function of the implants is to supply your body with hormones for about six months. As the level of your hormones is balanced, you begin experiencing reduced fatigue, increased desire for sex, and increased mental clarity, among other signs of aging. Hormone replacement therapy alleviates physical symptoms or signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. It also reduces mental symptoms you might be experiencing, including mood swings and depression. Therefore, hormone replacement therapy is essential because it helps restore your physical appearance, thus improving your quality of life.

Imbalanced hormones in your body can cause physical and mental symptoms. Therefore, if you have started experiencing any of those mentioned earlier mental or physical symptoms and seek a solution to your concerns, you can start by booking your appointment at The Wellness Restoration Center today.


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