Pieces of Advice for Renovation and Modernization of an Old House


When you own an older property, it’s often very tempting to simply tear everything down and start fresh. This is what happens in most prime locations in the metropolitan areas of NSW, Australia. However, easier is not always the best solution especially if you find older and retro elements charming. Luckily, it is possible to renovate and modernise an old home on a budget and still get the results you desire. Admittedly, as Envy, Northern Utah property management company points out, it can be challenging to try to tie different elements together, determine what you can restore and what needs to go, and whether to make any major structural changes. One thing to bear in mind is that you don’t have to sacrifice the charm and uniqueness of an old home with a sterile, conventional renovation. Get the best of both worlds and with these tips modernise your older home but keep its character.

Replace outdated features

Certain features of your old home will be beyond help and will only hold your design back. Such elements should be replaced by modern features. Your final aim should be to seamlessly blend the old with the modern to produce a timeless look. One of the most popular modern features today is the open concept floor plan which most older homes don’t have. In the past, homes were built with smaller, cramped rooms with lots of dividing walls. A sure way to breathe new life into your old home is to knock down some non-load-bearing walls, unify the space and open up doorways. Another thing to consider is that older homes are likely to have had several renovations throughout time so it may all look like a hodgepodge of styles. Use the opportunity to bring all your rooms up to a common ground, particularly if you opt for an open plan. There should be a sense of unity so if you choose a colour pallet, door handles, light fixtures, crown moulding and window treatments for one room, carry that design to the rest of your home. This will streamline your design and create a space that is harmonious and well-put-together. 

Update the electrical work and plumbing

In older properties, wiring and plumbing are typically outdated and often not up to present-day codes, not to mention a potential hazard to the residents. So, among the first steps in the renovation is hiring a professional Brisbane electrician to perform all the necessary electrical work and make your home safe and energy-efficient. The same goes for the plumbing in the house – it’s likely that it’s old and possibly faulty which could lead to a potential leaking or flooding disaster. If you don’t tend to it at this potent, you’re probably looking at a much more expensive work done later. Bear in mind that these two steps are crucial in revitalising an older home and they must not be skipped.


Restore old features

Once you’ve got plumbing and electrical covered, you can focus on the gorgeous old features that drew you to the house in the first place. It could be a unique fireplace, curving staircase, lovely hardwood floors, wrap-around porch, a clawfoot tub or built-in shelves. Whatever you love, that’s where you start. Naturally, the work you do will depend on the state of things. Take flooring, for instance. If hardwood floors, retro tiles or chequered vinyl are in good condition, it’s certainly worthwhile and cost-effective to have them restored to their former glory. 

Decorate to modernise

Now that most of the work has been done, you can focus on decoration. The decoration style you choose for your older home will have a major impact on its overall aesthetics. The first choice to consider is the colour palette – a little colour can go a long way! For instance, neutral beiges will brighten up a dim room and bright, vibrant accent walls will rejuvenate a once formal and traditional dining room. A fresh coat of paint can greatly help in modernising your home, and it’s among the cheapest reno works you can do. Furniture also plays an important part in modern design. Use a mix of repurposed vintage items and modern pieces to introduce harmony to your home. Bring pieces together that complement each other and in doing so, you’ll update your home but maintain its unique character.

There are many ways to renovate and modernise your home without breaking the bank. Or making a huge mess. Consider the tips listed here and evaluate what can be done in your home. Make a plan, take one step at a time and enjoy the process! In the end, the small updates you introduce will go a long way to renew not just your home, but your spirit as well. 


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