8 Tips To Make Content Creation Fun And Easy with Talkytimes 


8 Tips To Make Content Creation Fun And Easy with Talkytimes The popularity of content marketing has made content creation essential for businesses. This means that content creators should now explore different ways of making content creation easy and fun.

8 tips you can use to create content before sharing it on platforms like Talkytimes:

1. Make writing a process

A well-organized writing approach can help you save time and increase your productivity. With the growing need for content, it’s critical to discover the ideal approach to assist you to focus on content development.

For example, it may be beneficial to set up a specific time frame on your schedule for content production, putting all distractions aside. If you become stuck, go away from the copy for a bit and either relax or have someone else review it for a unique perspective.

2. Brainstorm new ideas

It is not always simple to generate fresh content ideas to share with other users on social platforms, and this may necessitate some creative brainstorming sessions with other members of your team.

Creating a schedule or google sheet can help you plan all of your ideas and rate them from the ones you can implement now to those that can potentially change the whole content strategy — any of these can provide a fresh outlook on your content objectives.

On Talkytimes we recommend coming up with ideas as a first step to getting your stream ready. 

3. Grab your audience’s attention

There is a plethora of material available on the Internet, and the content you create should be able to capture and retain the user’s attention in order to be successful.

There are several conflicting demands on the audience’s attention in the digital environment. As we open new tabs or examine numerous displays, our focus changes from one activity to another. Why should your audience continue to watch, read or listen to your content? Put in a real effort to capture and hold their attention.

4. Explore different kinds of content

Mixing up your formats is one technique to get people to pay closer attention to your content. The kind of material you can use to generate and host online has expanded in recent years, with each having a particular function:

  •  Images 

The most common form of visual content is images. They have a strong influence on a message and produce lasting memories. It is simpler for the human mind to grasp an image, which improves the likelihood that your copy will be recalled and easier to interpret.

Given that most people are visual learners, pairing your text with appropriate visuals increases the likelihood that your audience will recognize and like your content.

  •  Infographics


Infographics, also known as information graphics are graphic visual representations of facts or knowledge that are meant to deliver information clearly and efficiently. Graphics improve our capacity to recognize trends and patterns, making difficult concepts more appealing and shared.

Members of the audience spend more time analyzing an infographic than they do a written text, which is what makes infographics intriguing, especially when included as part of a blog article. They are also more easily shared than other types of content. In fact, infographics are three times more likely to be shared than any other type of visual information.

Infographics are a highly valuable complement to the marketing of your content, and it is no wonder that marketers are increasingly using them in their content marketing plans.

  •  Video

Over the last two years, video content has been leading as the most popular visual type of content, a development that has been encouraged by social networks. Video contents already account for over 80% of all internet traffic according to Cisco. This demonstrates how video content will become even more popular in the future. Even if we do not utilize it as our main form of content, video is a potent medium for supporting the message you give to the world.

You can use video content to:

  1. Build trust with your audience
  2. Add value to your content
  3. Increase engagement
  4. Share tips and ideas

Note that hiring a freelance videographer isn’t always essential to make short and interesting films that provide value to your viewers.

  • Streams

Another developing trend is a live stream, which provides an immediacy that web consumers appear to love a lot. In order to develop more engaging and successful content, marketers and businesses have prioritized video and streams as one of their top content goals of 2022. Streams are also a great way to monetize your content and get in touch with your audience on platforms like Talkytimes

  • Gifs

A GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is an animated picture that was designed over 30 years ago.  It’s not a new type of media, but it’s popular among internet users as a rapid method to transmit visual material that falls between a video and a picture.

As per Giphy, there are millions of GIFs available on the internet. They can be powerful mages, but they are also smaller than videos. Although GIFs are often humorous and casual, they may still fit into your content strategy, if you utilize them appropriately.

You can use GIFs to:

  • Tell a story
  • Explain a procedure
  • Show the personality of your brand
  • Separate large chunks of texts

What all these materials have in common is a unique approach to presenting information and reaching audiences that consume content in a variety of ways and on various platforms such as Talkytimes.

For instance, if you want to convey a complex idea to your viewers, you may use an infographic to help. You may still write articles and include the infographic within the textual material. You may still write articles and include the infographic within the textual material. This enhances the likelihood that your audience will stay focused and appreciate what you have to share.

5. Decide on how long your content should last

Most content creators sometimes wonder if long-form content is no longer important in this era of clip thinking. It may seem right to think that the audience wants shorter content. However, this is not always the case.

Based on findings made by Orbit Media Studio, most blog content is getting longer every year. This implies that readers still prefer long content. But length is not the only thing you need to make successful content. You always need to find a balance between quality and quantity so you can build trust, offer value and create awareness in your audience.

6. Have a clear structure in your content

Your readers will love clear and well-organized material. There’s no reason to strangle your work with long phrases. Another factor that should be considered is how individuals consume content on various devices. Since not everyone views your content through a similar screen, it must be optimized for all devices.

7. Format your contents

Formatting is different from structure because it has more to do with how you present your content. Your content should be fun and appealing to viewers or readers. For example, if you are a writer, you can make your writing more interesting to read by adding images and GIFs.

8. Set content goals

Before diving into video making, writing, or other types of content creation, you need to know that different content serves different purposes. Some posts are meant to promote products, while others can be used to promote particular ideas. Your content should be real and serve genuine purposes. Avoid being over-promotional as some audiences don’t like that.

\Once you have followed the above guidelines, it is now time to share your content. You can do that on different platforms including Talkytimes, a platform that lets you build followers and a community that you can share your content and ideas with. Most creators are fond of this platform because it has users who can view content and send them donations, online or real gifts. Joining is quick and easy, you just need to fill in your profile, do a quick verification and you are good to go!

Closing remark

Not knowing how to structure or format your content to make them more appealing to your audience can cost you. Therefore, use the above tips to make content creation and consumption fun and easy for you and your audience.









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