Digital technologies: how to make studying easier?

Digital technologies: how to make studying easier?

We do not spend a single day without using a smartphone and other gadgets in the modern world. Often there is talk that this contributes to a person’s personality degradation. Yes, if you spend time with your phone playing games. Of course, no one will argue that this is a waste of time. But there is an opportunity to use this time correctly, contributing not to degradation but, on the contrary, to development. For this, applications for education and personal growth were created. They are suitable for everyone: students, adults, teenagers and, some of them, even children. They are also extremely convenient, and everything is on your device, which you carry with you everywhere and weighs only a few megabytes, unlike heavy books. Besides, Google Play has a whole section dedicated to educational apps for both the youngest and older users. Of course, the applications like various gadgets are not a panacea in learning, and even more so, they will not replace knowledge, skills, and abilities. However, with a proper selection of programs, such devices can be beneficial and will serve as good assistants in educational activities, which will significantly simplify the implementation of many routine tasks.

What are the best applications for students?

In the education process, it is essential to allocate the most valuable resource – time correctly. However, it is difficult to keep in mind all the tasks, control, and tests. Not only notebooks and diaries but also planning, collaborative and other applications will help systematize the educational process and organize your time. So, we have defined 7 of the most helpful apps that can make the studying more manageable and more enjoyable: 

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  2. FBReader has a considerable number of settings, ranging from font formatting, background, screen brightness, swipe animation, and ending with selective settings for using CSS styles, library synchronization, and connecting dictionaries and translators. In addition, the app includes a network library of online catalogs with a variety of literature.
  3. SkillShare is an application with video courses on various topics. Learning on this platform takes place by watching a video and then completing a practical task.
  4. Evernote is the most popular note-taking app, which is currently a universal service and a powerful tool for study and work, which allows you to store various information and content. The program also has a chat function, voice input, and a task manager, thanks to reminders. For students, the document scanning function will be pretty useful.
  5. CamScanner is the most popular scanner on the Play Store with powerful image editing tools, the ability to back up scanned documents to your cloud storage, and a less convenient process for exporting results.
  6. With Wunderlist, you can track your exam preparation, write homework assignments, and create to-do lists and lists of references. You can attach a date to each list item and set up notifications. Wunderlist supports teamwork so that you can share tasks with your classmates. The application is shareware, available on all current platforms.
  7. Trello is a mobile and compact version of the Kanban board. This system is so simple and flexible that it can be used in any convenient way: for example, create a separate column for each subject and enter all assignments, tests, and control related to it. 

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