How To Get Command Block In Minecraft

How To Get Command Block In Minecraft

Life will be much easier if you know how to get command block in Minecraft. It’s a one-of-a-kind block that lets you specify commands you can execute whenever you choose.

It’s also crucial for the success of some of the best Minecraft adventures. Mastering Minecraft command blocks is essential for improving any gaming experience.

Command Block In Minecraft

Command blocks are extremely strong, one-of-a-kind, and game-changing. However, there are limitations in a variety of ways.

You can’t utilize numerous commands at the same time, for starters. If individuals want to repeat a command, you must type it again.

Furthermore, there is no separate UI for the chatbox where you enter the commands. One could write a post about how to improve Minecraft commands, but there is already a solution.

Minecraft commands, often known as command blocks, let players do everything from speaking to exchanging objects to manipulating the weather in their worlds using Redstone.

Command bricks are not only vital tools for any Minecraft fan, but they are also a fantastic way to educate children about Java coding.

Kids will enjoy using this tool to code remarkable constructions in their favorite game while reaping one of Minecraft’s critical educational benefits! Continue reading to know how to get a command block in Minecraft 1.8.8?

What Are Command Blocks in Minecraft

Minecraft command blocks are essential Java instructions that allow you to customize a feature or action in the game. Command bricks are adaptable and provide children the freedom to create their worlds.

As its name implies, the command block is an in-game block that you may use to run commands in Minecraft.

If you don’t use hacks, you won’t be able to get it in survival or adventure mode. It works with the Redstone system in the game. As a result, you can use the command block with levers, mechanics, and other objects.

The command block cannot be mined, blasted, or broken in survival mode. However, you can still disable or change it. You may quickly break, spawn, duplicate, and creatively deactivate a command block.

How To Get Command Block In Minecraft

Minecraft Command Blocks: Types

How to get a command block in Minecraft 1.11.2? There are three sorts of command blocks in Minecraft, depending on the status of the blocks:

  • Block of orange impulse commands: This default command block executes and terminates the entered command. As a result, the entered command only executes once when you turn it on. Using commands in the chatbox is similar.
  • Command block with a green chain: The chain command block comes in handy when combining commands. When used in a series, it only executes the entered command if the command block to which it is attached has already executed its command. When these blocks are connected in a chain, they execute one command after another.
  • Repeat command block in purple: As the name implies, this block runs indefinitely and repeats the commands entered. Because of the high in-game speed, you can repeat a command up to 20 times in a single second.

How To Get Command Block In Minecraft?

Unlike other blocks in the game, Command blocks are not stored in item slots. The player must instead /give it to themselves. Below you can see how to get command block in Minecraft?

Type: /give <player> minecraft:command_block

The item slots now have a new command block. The Minecraft person will say “command block” if a player writes “command block.” They appear to be conversing.

How to get a command block in Minecraft Nintendo Switch?

You may get Minecraft Command Block on Minecraft Bedrock by following the methods below. Each console’s controls may alter, but the technique remains the same:

  • Launch Minecraft and select “Play” from the home screen.
  • Then, in the “Worlds” tab, click the “Create New” button.
  • In the cheats box, toggle the “Activate Cheats” toggle on, then click the “Create” button in the game section. Also, make sure you’re playing in “Creative” mode. You can also make changes to these game parameters in your current world.
  • Once you’re in the environment, use the “T” key or the dedicated chat button on your platform. Then type the following command into the conversation and hit enter.

/give @s minecraft:command_block

Case matters when using Minecraft commands. While typing, pay close attention to the capitalization of the letters.

Now, if you’re wondering how to get a command block in Minecraft PS4, remember the steps are the same for any console.

How To Get Command Block In Minecraft

How To Get Command Block In Minecraft In MCPE (Android & iOS)?

You can acquire command blocks on portable devices like the Nintendo Switch, thanks to Minecraft’s inclusion.

The procedures may alter whether you use MCPE (Minecraft Pocket Edition) on Android, iOS, or iPadOS. Let’s have a look at the differences.

  • To begin, open your Minecraft app and select “play”
  • Then, tap the “Create New” button from the worlds menu. You can also use a planet that already exists
  • Ensure the “Activate Cheats” button is on in the world’s game settings
  • You may also utilize the pause menu to enable this option in existing worlds
  • Make sure the world’s game mode is set to “creative” while you’re at it
  • Tap the chat icon at the top of your screen in your cheats-enabled Minecraft environment
  • Then, type the following instruction in the chatbox and press the submit button

/give @p minecraft:command_block

The case of this command matters. Copying and pasting might be a better option.

How Do You Place And Use Command Blocks In Minecraft

Players cannot employ command blocks in survival mode due to their tremendous effects. So, first and foremost, you must ensure that your world is in the creative game mode.

But you may ask how to get command block in Minecraft on multiplayer? On multiplayer servers, however, command blocks require OP permissions.

To convert the game mode to creative, use the following command:

/gamemode creative

Then glance at another block and right-click or use the secondary action key to place the command block. Now that you know how to get a command block in Minecraft Xbox look at how to utilize it in Bedrock and Java editions.

Minecraft Java And Bedrock Command Block UI

Both Java and Bedrock editions of the command block have the same options. However, the user interface differs slightly between the two variants. So, here are some of the possibilities available to you:

  • Command Input: This is where you may type in the various Minecraft in-game commands.
  • Block Type: You can set and change the command block’s type from “impulse” to “repeat” or “chain” with this option.
  • Conditional: A command block will only run an order if the earlier order completes successfully.
  • Redstone: Utilize this option to make the command block execute exclusively on Redstone power if you wish to use it in a Redstone machine.

The Bedrock edition’s command block offers a few extra options in addition to the standard ones. Here’s what they each mean:

  • Execute on First Tick: The option ensures that the repeat block’s command executes as soon as the block is activated. There is no lag in time.
  • Delay in Ticks: This option defines the time delay before executing a command in ticks on Chain or Repeat command blocks. On the other hand, a repeat command block represents a delay between each command execution.
  • Hover: Note that you can name each command block with this relatively simple option. However, you can use this for message commands to show the sender’s name in the chat.

How To Get Command Block In Minecraft

How To Communicate With Command Blocks?

Let’s experiment with a simple message. “Hello!” will be the message in this case.

Keep in mind that strolling around the block will do nothing. Before it can say anything, one needs to turn it on:

  • Place a pressure plate near it
  • Use Redstone to connect it
  • Now take a step on it

Remember to use “/” before whatever you want the command block to speak to the player.

Where To Use The “/”?

You do not require the “/” in a command block. It’s only used in the command prompt since the program interprets it as a command rather than the player speaking.

Do You Want To Experiment With An Impulse Command Block?

Advanced options include the Impulse, Unconditional, and Needs Redstone buttons. To turn them on:

  • Select the command block with a right-click
  • Say whatever you want
  • Select Done
  • Press the button now

How Do You Alter The Weather With Command Blocks?

The child could be working when it suddenly becomes stormy and dark. In such cases, it is an excellent command block for a creative to have on hand. Here’s how you can manipulate the weather.

Weather instructions:

  • Rain: the weather
  • Thunderstorms: thunderstorms
  • The weather is clear.

You can also include a time frame:

weather <type> [duration]

Whether thunder 100, for example, means that the weather changes to thunder for 100 seconds. It is a fantastic approach to making a game more dramatic.

Use toggledownfall to change the weather to the opposite of what it is now. You may also use a “/” in front of this at the command prompt: /toggledownfall.

How To Get Command Block In Minecraft To Teleport?

It is a popular feature in many games, and with good reason! A player flips a switch and transports to another location. You can utilize this in mazes, puzzle games, or dungeons, where solving a puzzle is the only way out.

Type: tp @p <x,y,z coordinates>

Only the player will teleport using this code. Use @a to transport all players.

For readability, you can use the teleport instead of tp.

How Can You Obtain Coordinates?

Press F3 (this will put a lot of data on your screen). Find the coordinates from Looking at to determine where the player should land, in this case: -37 8 -309.

On the bottom slide, the coordinates are -37 8 -309, but the command in the block is -37 9 -309. It ensures that the player teleports on top of the block rather than inside it.

To remove this information, press F3 once more.

  • Teleporter (DIY): Try inputting the coordinates yourself now. The objective is for you to teleport to the white square.
  • Looping Portal: The command blocks were used in this example to loop the player back and forth between the portals. Click on the side of the block adjacent to and above the command block to get a pressure plate on top of it.

At first, go through the portals gently. Isn’t it working perfectly? Now go through them one by one to observe how they differ.

Because the pressure plate may not register a character moving too quickly, this is the case. (If you require a teleporter in the open, a tripwire is a good option.)

What Is The Purpose Of The “Give Command” Block?

You use this command for gifting a player or a group of players an item. Let’s use a fish as an example. You can get a raw fish by pressing the button next to the sign. Every time an item is received, the system makes an announcement. Type:

[@: Given [Raw Salmon] x 1 to idminecraft001]

Increasing Your Donation

The item given will default to 1 if the amount is not specified. Consider donating a certain amount! The player gets 40 Redstone. To do so, write:

give @p minecraft:redstone 40

Always use @p to make the player click on the target’s command block.

You might use this to create checkpoints in your maps that give potions or weapons for future use in adventure mode.

Final thoughts

You now know how to get command block in Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions. You can use them to improve custom maps, create a private Minecraft server, and improve your world in general.

Making a perfect circle in Minecraft is one of the most enjoyable ways to employ command bricks. Even with such capability, you cannot use them without first knowing Minecraft commands.

It’s incredible how much kids can learn just playing Minecraft. And a little expert advice can go a long way toward ensuring they reach their full potential.


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