Travelling games to play on your Roadtrip in 2023


Playing games can be a great source of entertainment when traveling, whether you’re stuck in traffic or when looking to pass the time in your hotel room on a rainy afternoon. That said, traveling games come in different forms, with some suited for large groups, while others are designed to entertain a single player.

Whether you’re looking to avoid boredom during your road trip or want to make your traveling experience more entertaining, the travel games we have featured in this article will fit the bill. These games will keep you entertained while on the road before you begin your adventure and exploration.

Online slots

Although playing slot machines in Casinos online in California is highly restricted, these classic casino games are a great source of entertainment while on the road. Unlike other online casino games like Poker, online slots are straightforward and don’t require any complex gambling systems to win. As such, this luck-based game allows you to unwind as you enjoy different adventures during your trip.

Besides their simplicity, online slots offer a broad range of adventures and you can find penny slots that allow you to have fun for hours without breaking your bankroll. Many online casinos also offer free spins to new players and other generous bonuses.

Monopoly Travel World Tour

A twist on the classic Monopoly board game, the Monopoly Travel World Tour will have you traveling and discovering exciting travel destinations in the comfort of your hotel room. In this board game, you can imagine visiting different exciting destinations as you make your travel goals.

This edition of Monopoly also allows you to create lasting memories using the travel journal cards and the experience becomes part of your future gameplay. That makes it the perfect game for travel buffs and families.

Uno Card Game

Uno is an interesting miniature card game that you can carry anywhere you’re travelling. The game features 2-10 players in each round, making it a perfect social game for a group of friends or families that want to have fun together during their trip.

Thanks to its simple rules, everyone can easily understand how everything works. You can win this classic game by matching the cards you have with the previous card thrown on the pile. As such, the first player that successfully managed to throw down all their cards wins. As such, the game is perfect for teenagers and adults.


Similar to Uno, Skip-Bo is an exciting travel card game that features 2-6 players. The winner of the game is the first person to get rid of the cards in their hands, it works differently than Uno. In this game, every player draws cards from their piles, with four build piles set in the middle.

Every player in Skip-Bo builds the piles in ascending order until there’s a winner. As such, when it’s your turn to play, you build the piles in the middle, hoping to get rid of the cards on your hands as fast as possible. It’s a family-friendly game that anyone above 7 years can understand and enjoy.

I Packed My Bag

Whether your kids are old enough to pack their own luggage or go backpacking in Europe, they can learn how to properly do it in a game. This memory game for kids gives you a large list of packed items and they have to memorize them. The children will need to choose an imaginary traveling destination and take turns stating what they have packed in their bags. However, each player must add an item after they recite what other players have said in the right order.

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is a popular card game that has taken the adult game landscape by storm since it was launched in 2011. The gameplay is simple, featuring two types of cards, black and white. There are 100 black cards with various questions and 500 white cards that can be used to answer them.

To start this card game, everyone must draw ten white cards. Every player takes turns as the Card Czar, who is tasked with drawing the seemingly innocent black card. Once the first player reads the black card loudly, every player chooses their funniest white card and gives it to the Czar. The Czar chooses the funniest card as the game-winner.


Playing games when traveling is a perfect way to connect with friends and family while avoiding boredom. Some games like Monopoly Travel World Tour also let you discover new exciting traveling destinations around the world. The key is to relax, have fun, and make the most out of your vacation or road trip.


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