Jeff Wittek Accident

Jeff Wittek Accident

How did the Jeff Wittek accident happen? YouTuber Jeff Wittek has now confessed that he hurt his eye while swinging from an excavator piloted by David Dobrik. He is a YouTube celebrity with over 18 million subscribers in charge of the Vlog Squad. It is the YouTuber collective of which Wittek was a member.

After months of curiosity, rumor, and guesswork about what happened, the disclosure comes.

In a June 2020 Instagram caption, Wittek stated that he “was in an accident and hurt my face and skull in a few places.”

Some posts showed photographs of Wittek in a hospital bed with a neck brace. They also show several stitches on his face. There were images of him in a hospital bed with a neck brace and many stitches on his face.

Wittek has claimed that he would like to tell the story of his lifetime.

On April 15, 2021, he posted a trailer for a documentary almost ten months after the occurrence. The title “Don’t Try This At Home” on YouTube promises to clarify everything. Wittek tweeted, “It’s as real as it gets.”

Jeff Wittek

He says, “It is surely a different side of me than I don’t display. As a result, I am grateful for all of your support. I can’t express how thankful I am.”

In the first episode, which went on air on April 18, Wittek admitted to concealing the truth about the accident. It was because “I was in a lot of agonies, and that’s how I chose to live with my sorrow.” The episode focused on Wittek’s background, disclosing that he was on the edge of being sentenced to jail for possession of the drug and how he met Dobrik and became engaged with YouTube.

The documentary’s second edition, titled “How I Broke My Face,” was released on Wednesday evening and has already received 1.4 million views. It had the footage of Wittek and two friends and colleagues, Vlog Squad members Natalie Noel and Todd Smith, preparing to skydive in the days leading up to the accident. At Bear Lake in Utah, the trio reunited with the rest of the Vlog Squad.

Wittek is face down in the water in a couple of clips. It was with Vlog Squad members yelling and coming to his rescue. The video ended with teasers of the documentary’s next installment and interviews with some of the attendees. Dobrik, probably referring to the accident, remarks, “Time stops down.” Wittek’s entire side of the face was “just open,” according to Smith.

Wittek doesn’t detail what happened in the most recent episode, but based on what was shown, it appears that he flew into a portion of the excavator at great speed, pounding his face, after Dobrik lost control of his swing speed.

Since last summer, unedited footage of the accident has been posted on Reddit, YouTube, and Twitter several times, revealing the full power Wittek collided with the excavator. According to screenshots uploaded on Imgur, Wittek appeared to remark on these videos, ordering the posters to remove. The screenshots described the uncensored tape as “very distressing,” He did not want his family to view it.

David Dobrik about the Incident

YouTuber David Dobrik said he would “do whatever” to turn back the clock. He mentions this about a June 2020 incident in which Jeff Wittek suffered. David Dobrik, a YouTuber, has revealed and talked about his feud with colleague Vlog Teammate Jeff Wittek.

Following an unpleasant occurrence in June 2020 that left Wittek gravely injured. Wittek, 32, stated he no longer talked to Dobrik. Dobrik talked on his VIEWS video podcast, giving listeners his side of the story. “The Jeff situation is the very worst. That day was the most dreadful experience of life I’ve ever had. I’d give anything to relive that day, “he stated.

David Dobrik about the Incident

After hanging on a rope linked to an excavator, Wittek suffered injuries to his face and skull in June 2020. Dobrik was running the heavy machinery at the time, and a video of that incident later got uploaded to YouTube in April 2021. Dobrik explained that he never intended to “hurt” Wittek before offering his hypothesis about why he believes Wittek is angry with him.

“I believe one of the main reasons Jeff is upset with me right now is because he watched me giving an interview where I revealed something I told him I’d keep private,” Dobrik added. “He’s furious because I broke a promise.”

Later, he said, “‘Can you promise me a thing?’ he asks. Please swear that no one would ever learn this was my suggestion.'” Dobrik says that the video is a comeback post for his YouTube channel. He said that he was the one behind the wheel. Dobrik says, “He suffered because I was driving.”

“That’s it, and I know it, and as I said, I’d give it back any chance I got. That will be the worst regret in life. It’s been my entire life. I sincerely hope there will never be another moment in my life that I regret as much as that one.” Wittek’s representative gets in contact for comment by PEOPLE.

“I’ve been defending this guy for a long time, and there’s a lot more to the story than him not contacting me for a week after I had such a dramatic operation where I might have gone blind,” Wittek said on his podcast.

“I’ve awoken from my surgery. A day passes without him receiving a text message. Another day has passed with no text. I go to his Instagram because it’s always the first because of the algorithm or something. He says things like, ‘Oh, I’m so happy with my life.’

The Incident

“I’m simply promoting his vlog with my vlogs and everything,” he continued. “I was simply like, you have time to do this, but you can’t text me.” Further say, ‘Hey, did my actions cause you to go blind or not?'” Finally, I want to tell the truth. I gave him a lot of chances. Even now, a week later, I haven’t heard anything.” Wittek said he is “not holding back anymore” since Dobrik screwed him up “mentally and physically.” This was all about Jeff Wittek Accident.

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“I’m kind of furious that we subject it even in the documentary we have done,” he said, referring to his Don’t Try This at the Home film, released last year. “There were many more things that I could have said. But I had spent so much time trying to protect this guy. Seeing people’s true colors takes time.” These were the two sides of the Jeff Wittek accident.


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