The best examples of startup explainer videos

startup explainer videos

Explainer videos have long been used to promote a business. Since the success of Dollar Shave Club’s iconic explainer video, many startups have attempted to use the same strategy to improve their businesses, with the hope of receiving similar exposure.- startup explainer videos

Explainer videos, unlike mediocre written content on the internet, rely on eye-catching illustrations to draw in viewers right away. Customers will be better able to understand the message because of the compelling story and clear narration.

Explainer videos are now required for marketers to use when running a campaign, regardless of the industry they work in. As video content has proven to be one of the most effective tools for converting leads, which is critical for your startup business, you should use it.

Explainer videos’ advantages

Explainer videos are an excellent way to convert prospects into clients. The added marketing content at the conclusion of the video may persuade viewers to act right away.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that many businesses strive to make the finest marketing video to connect with their target audience.

Explainer films, on the other hand, are more than simply a sales tool for firms. There are a number of additional advantages to employing this interesting form of film.

Encourage participation

This kind of video information is great for keeping the audience interested throughout the performance. Because each explainer film has its own visual representation, viewers will find it easier to understand the message if they listen and see the information at the same time.

Boost your SEO ranking- startup explainer videos

Every startup that is just getting started has to focus on SEO. A solid SEO score will assist the company in landing in a strategic position in the SERP. Customers will discover your brand more rapidly if you improve your search engine ranking.

Using video content may help your website get to the top of the search engine results page (SERP). Your explainer videos will be clearly identified by the search engine, which will then index them in their database, making it much simpler for readers to find your site.

Top explainer videos for startups you should recreate- startup explainer videos

The internet is to thank for this. You may use a variety of video editing programs to make your own explain videos quickly and easily. So, if you’re searching for some ideas for your next explainer video campaign, here are three of the greatest video examples to consider. You can also see creative ideas for a startup in website design here:


With a live-action explanatory video, I’m back. This marketing material brilliantly demonstrates how a little bracelet may help you keep track of your regular workout. Unlike other smartwatches, this bracelet is one-of-a-kind in that it can track a variety of physical activities.

This explainer video takes things a step further by providing exercise-like material that viewers can easily relate to. People may enter into the brand’s journey by understanding what the product can be used for by seeing actors demonstrate various forms of movement.


HealMate is a health-monitoring app. In an explainer film, this platform is thoroughly discussed utilizing animated characters that correspond to the narrative.

The narrative follows a working lady who neglects her health until she becomes ill. She then discovers HealMate, a program that helps her track her symptoms and behaviors in order to notify her doctor when she is ready to leave the hospital.

For providing complicated storytelling, the animated 3D components are ideal. Because health and well-being are two of the most difficult concepts to grasp, the animation may assist in breaking them down into more easily consumable information.


Most firms avoid this genre since Airbnb generates a wonderful blend of live-action and animated video. Many companies find it tough to create both versions of explainer films since mixing and editing the footage takes longer.

To obtain the greatest results, this sort of material should be done by an explainer video studio. The animation, for the most part, necessitates the use of a studio and modern software. While you may film the live version on your own, rendering both versions may need the help of a professional.


Explainer films have been shown to assist companies, notably fresh startup enterprises, develop by converting more clients. That is why, rather than employing any other kind of material, marketers are increasingly contemplating leveraging video content to promote their products.

Whether animated or live-action, both forms function well in a marketing effort. You may use any of the variants to better your promotional strategy, depending on your startup’s preferences and target audience. If you liked this article – get more info.



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