Top 6 Basic Diabetic Foot Care Tips

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes is common and can significantly affect the health of your feet and the overall quality of your life. That is why you should pay attention to your foot health if you have diabetes, to prevent your chances of developing the diabetic foot disease or catching the symptoms of the condition early for effective management. The diabetic foot Las Olas specialists offer specialized diabetic foot care to promote the health of your feet and improve the quality of your life. Additionally, you can do a few things to protect your feet. Here are six tips to guide you. Here is Diabetic Exchange USA.

Inspect Your Feet Daily

Diabetes can cause nerve damage and make it difficult to feel cracks or sores in your feet. It would help if you regularly inspect your feet for wounds, sores, cracks, or other complications. Observe any color change and report any sores or dry, cracked skin to your doctor. You can use a mirror to see the bottom of your feet or ask someone else to help if you cannot see all parts of your feet.

Don’t Test Hot Water with Your Feet.

As mentioned earlier, diabetes can cause nerve damage or neuropathy, affecting your ability to feel. Therefore, it will be difficult to tell if the bath is too hot. You might even not realize it when you are scalding your skin. Therefore, do not step into the bathroom without checking the temperature, as it could cause severe damage to your feet. You might develop serious burns and blisters, which are open doors for infection. You can use your elbow to test the water temperature.

Always Have a Foot Wear

You should not stay or go barefoot if you have diabetes. Whether outside or relaxing inside, ensure that you wear shoes with good coverage. Putting around shoeless elevates your chances for small cuts, penetration by glass shards, thumbtack, splinters, and misplaced sewing needles. Remember that you might not feel this if you have neuropathy making it necessary to wear shoes even when you are indoors.

Dry Your Feet

It would help if you kept your feet dry when you are diabetic to minimize the chances of an infection. Make it a routine to dry your feet and pay attention t the space between your toes. When your sin is moist, it could break down and develop an infection. Therefore, towel off your feet thoroughly every time you wash them and change sweaty or wet shoes or socks immediately. But remember to avoid dry, cracked skin by carefully using a moisturizer.

Go Easy on Your Feet

An exercise routine is healthy and can benefit you if you have diabetes. But be mindful of the nature of exercise you take since jumping, bouncing, and leaping may not be suitable for your feet, especially if you have neuropathy. You might consider exercise programs involving swimming and walking or other activities with less impact on your feet. But remember to wear the right footwear for any activity.

Seek Expert Care

Diabetic foot specialists have great sources of information and understand what is right for you, depending on your unique situation. They can offer expert care tips for your feet and help you control your blood sugar to minimize your chances of diabetic neuropathy. Besides, it is good to have your feet regularly checked by the experts.

If you are ready for expert diabetic foot care, get in touch with the diabetic foot specialist at Advanced Foot, Ankle & Wound Specialists, PA. The board-certified podiatrists and wound care specialists will customize your care to meet your needs. Remember that you can also book an online appointment.


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