A Quick Look at Non-Surgical Body Contouring

Non-Surgical Body Contouring

You have been observing your diet, exercising, and shedding weight. However, the last chapter does not seem to favor you, especially as you try to address some stubborn fat that won’t go away regardless of how hard you try. If the conventional approach is not working, do not give up. You can turn to non-surgical body contouring to address those problem areas. Your trusted body contouring specialist Sandy Springs, GA, can help you establish if you are a good candidate, pick the best strategy, and address your fat pockets to shape different areas to your liking.

Non-surgical body contouring means no anesthesia or surgery and the associated risks and complications. You also will not be subjected to extensive downtime for recovery. The treatment sessions are shorter with little or no pain. The results develop over time, meaning that the changes look and feel more natural. The advantages list is long, but you should not dive in headfirst. Talk to the specialist first and consider your situation. Here is a look at some things you should know to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Who is a good candidate for non-surgical body contouring?

Virtually anyone is a good candidate, but it is not that straightforward. Among the consideration to establish if you are a right fit for the procedure include:

Skin: Is your skin slightly or excessively loose? Your skin laxity can make you a good or bad candidate. If it is overly loose, you might be better off with surgical procedures. Most non-surgical contouring procedures do not tighten the skin as much, meaning you might not get the best results. This is noting that many seek contouring not because of stubborn fat pockets but excess skin. Such skin appears the same as fat pockets, meaning that you could require a surgical approach for the best results.

Weight: Are you within your desired weight? It is recommended to go for non-surgical body contouring when you are at ideal weight or close, say within 20 pounds or less. This is because weight gain or loss can affect the results. You want to maintain those striking looks, meaning that you have to observe weight and ensure you do not drop or gain more.

Mindset: What are your expectations? Non-surgical body contouring results are not as fast and extreme as is the case with surgical procedures. Moreover, you might need more than one treatment session to realize satisfactory results. Therefore, if you set unrealistic expectations, you are in for a frustrating experience. However, if you are open-minded and ready to put in the work, the non-surgical approach can deliver a great deal of natural-looking transformation.

After the procedure

The journey is not over after determining that you are a great non-surgical body contouring candidate and getting the treatment. You have to commit to a healthy lifestyle to achieve and maintain the best results. This includes observing your diet, exercising, caring for your skin such as by avoiding UV rays exposure, and revising habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol.

Non-surgical body contouring results vary following your body and the treatment type. Nonetheless, you can start noticing changes within a few weeks, which continue to develop in months to come, making them feel and look natural. Visit Wellife Center or contact them for consultation, learn more about the procedures, find the best fit for your needs, and start treatment.


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