How to Train a Well-Mannered Dog


Sometimes caring for your dog can be challenging. You’re either too busy or don’t know where to start. Here are some tips on how you can train a dog that your neighbors will love without the help of the experts, and ultimately save yourself time and money.

1. Give Your Dog Plenty of Exercise

Your dog will be overenthusiastic when you let it out of the cage, so you should give it plenty of exercise when you’re around. When your dog is tired from exercising, it won’t have the energy to bark. Your neighbors will love this because they’ll no longer have to hear their neighbor’s dog barking in the front yard.

2. Be Consistent With Training

Training your dog is tough work, but it’s worth it. If you start training your dog at a young age, you’ll be able to instill the necessary skills and behaviors that you want them to have. You should be consistent and a little bit harsh in your training so that your dog will obey you better. Once you’ve trained the dog, it’ll show in its behavior and all of your neighbors will love it.

3. Teach Your Dog Not to Bark Up a Storm

Dogs will stop barking if they know what’s in it for them. You will find that a micro mini bulldog is very different from a golden retriever, for example. Each of these dogs will bark for different reasons. You should train your dog to bark on command so that they’ll stop barking when they are told to do so. Your neighbors will love this because of the quiet environment.

4. Take Full Responsibility for Your Dog’s Actions

When a problem arises, it’s always your fault. Your dog is never wrong and your neighbors will love this because you’re taking it out on yourself instead of them or your dog. The neighbors can relax with the knowledge that you’re going to do something about it.

5. Be a Good Neighbor

You should try to hang out with your neighbors as much as possible, especially when your dog is around. When your dog is behaving well and obeying you without the slightest bit of complaint, it will be easy for them to see how great your dog is. Your neighbors will love this because their kids and animals can get off the leash and play freely.

6. Use a Training Collar

To get started with training your dog, you’ll need to use a training collar. While collars are painful, they are effective at following the commands of your dog. Since all dogs have an upper limit of pain that they can take, this will be effective in getting them to listen to you. 

7. Teach Your Dog to Be More Social

If you let your dog play with other dogs and people, he’ll learn how to be around other people. Your dog will learn that it’s not okay to bite or bark at someone if you’re around. Even if your dog doesn’t listen right away, he’ll eventually get the message that you don’t let him do that stuff anymore.

8. Get a Reward System

You should get a reward system set up so that your dog only gets rewarded when you say so. By rewarding your dog, you’ll be able to motivate him to listen and follow the rules that you’ve put in place for him. When your neighbors see this, they’ll love it because they’ll finally have peace from their dogs barking all the time.

9. Be the Alpha Dog

Your dog should only look up to you for instructions. This is because being the Alpha means that your dog will be more likely to listen and obey when you’re around. You don’t have to be mean or aggressive, but as a human, your tone and actions are unmistakably clear when a situation comes up.

10. Purchase Noise-Barking Deterrents

Your dog will bark more around other dogs and other people. If you get barking deterrents, this will control it so your neighbors will love it when a dog comes by your house. Your dog won’t be able to bark because of the deterrents that you have set up.

Proper training of your dog is helpful for a peaceful environment. The above tips will help you train your dog so that he has good behavior. Your neighbors will love it because they won’t have to hear it bark all the time, and as a result, they’ll be able to enjoy their life. The more social skills your dog has, the more fun your neighbors can have around him.


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