How to Achieve a Lifted and Curved Butt


Who doesn’t like or admire a naturally curved butt? It compliments your body figure and adds to your natural beauty. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to have that naturally, and it may require efforts to reach there. Workout and diets may lead you there, but what if I told you, you could get even better results with Las vegas Sculptra and Radiesse butt lift. The treatment is minimally invasive and gives effective results instantly. Read on to learn how you can enlarge and improve your butt shape.

What is the Sculptra Brazilian Butt Lift?

Most women will do anything to have a big behind. For this reason, treatments to enlarge and shape butts have become popular. Do not be left behind; enjoy the benefits of a tight and big behind.

The Sculptra Brazilian Butt Lift is a minimally invasive procedure to enlarge and raise your butt shape to improve your body figure. It adds volume and definition to your behind to make it look more rounded and curvy. It also reduces cellulite appearance to enhance smooth skin.

The Sculptra Butt Lift is an entirely non-surgical procedure and does not require anesthesia or sedation. The results last for up to two years.

How does a Sculptra Butt Lift work?

You can benefit from the treatment if you want to lift your buttocks without surgery. The treatment involves applying the body’s ability to rejuvenate itself, to enhance the butt lift and curves.

Sculptra is a dermal filler injectable containing a biocompatible substance that your body absorbs easily. The results are visible right away after the injection.

The treatment activates the production of collagen, which revives tissue growth, restores your inner skin structure to enhance more volume. Your body absorbs Sculptra gradually over time, creating a natural boost behind.

What happens during the procedure?

Your buttocks’ shape and desired goals determine the number of injections you will get and the location of the injection. The treatment takes about one hour, and you may need about 2-3 sessions to get an improved look.

During the procedure, your provider applies a numbing cream on your buttocks to enhance comfort. They insert a blunt cannula tip that includes a tiny tube into the treatment area. Then they inject the Sculptra into the dermis to stimulate collagen production.

Your provider may request you to change your position, sit or stand, throughout the process until content with the results.

They also use ultrasound and radiofrequency waves to promote collagen growth. Besides, they apply a topical growth factor in the targeted area to enhance your results.

Will you need downtime after the Sculptra Brazilian Butt Lift?

You may require little to no downtime after a Sculptra Brazilian Butt Lift. There may be minor bruising around the treatment areas but should improve within a few days.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good or improve your body appearance. A butt lift may be all you need to achieve that attractive look. It’s critical to ensure you get your treatment from a medical professional for safe and effective results. Call the Modern Wellness Clinic today to schedule your butt lift treatment.


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