How long does it take to edit a personal statement?

a personal statement

An applicant should spend some time composing an impressive personal statement. You should describe your experience and ambitions in an unusual and motivating way. Depending on your experience in writing personal statements, this process will take from 20 minutes to a couple of hours. 

If you feel like you have both no time and inclination to edit a personal statement, you can always contact a personal statement editing service. Writers, editors, and proofreaders with years of experience in this field will provide you with maximum support at all stages of writing a letter of introduction. You`ll receive help with your letter from draft to the final application.  

Meanwhile, we have prepared some tips on how long it takes to write a flawless personal statement. Please, find the details in this post.  

The step-by-step process of editing a personal statement 

Practice shows that it takes from 15-20 minutes to several hours or even days to compose a covering letter to a university. However, will it be strong and convincing? Professional editors are going to share a working scheme on how to speed up the process of editing a personal statement. 

  1. Read the application requirements once again carefully so that your statement corresponds to them (text length, formatting, etc.)
  2. Use automatic grammar and spelling checking in Word. 
  3. Use additional Web writing assistants for checking your this for mistakes.  
  4. Read your covering letter loudly so that you hear typos and stylistic mistakes.
  5. Check out your statement`s structure and whether it is easy to read it. 
  6. Share it with friends so that they give you their opinion on your letter. 
  7. When all of the following is done, forget about your covering letter for a couple of hours. Have a walk or change your activity. In 4-5 hours, read it again. If you are happy with the result, you can submit your personal statement. 

It must be mentioned that the total time you may spend editing your cover letter depends on your application requirements. Overall, it takes on average from half an hour to three hours to compose, edit, and proofread a strong and impressive personal statement. 

What is the ideal length of it? 

We have analyzed hundreds of covering letters to figure out the ideal length of a motivational letter. We finally defined these parameters. A perfect one should be of up to 400 words. Please, find the details below:

  • Page count: approximately 2/3 or 70% of the page. 
  • The number of paragraphs: 3-5.
  • The number of words: 250-400.
  • Numbered lists: 1-2. 


Now you know how long it usually takes to edit a motivation letter. In addition, please, check out the article Personal Statement University Application Guide. It is written by the leading experts in editing and proofreading various sorts of cover letters. This info will also help you to compose the best personal statement ever. It will undoubtedly impress the admitting committee. Good luck! 


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