Wood Fired Pizza Oven Vs. Conventional Oven: Which is Right You

Conventional Oven: Which is Right You

The wood-fired pizza oven is very common and one of the most widely used. However, this type of pizza oven is often confused with the conventional oven. Understanding the differences between a wood-fired pizza oven and a conventional oven will go a long way in helping you make the right decision. 

Generally, there are many types of pizza ovens on the market today; they include commercial or gas ovens, electric ovens, and wood-fired ovens. 

The major difference between all these types of pizza ovens is the maximum temperature they can reach. So, if you are planning to buy a pizza oven, what will you choose between a wood-fired and conventional pizza oven? This guide will enlighten you on the differences between them and help you choose an ideal one.

Difference in Flavor

One of the main differences between the two pizza ovens is flavor. The pellet pizza oven is superior in flavor, thanks to its unique features. When you prepare a pizza with a wood-fired pizza oven, it will have more flavor compared to the conventional oven. This makes it a better option.

The Amount of Heat

Another major difference lies in the amount of heat produced. The pellet pizza oven produces efficient heat that is ideal for pizza. Besides, you can control the heat produced, hence reducing the chances of overheating your product. The fact that you can manage heat temperatures makes the pellet pizza oven ideal to work with. 

Wood Pellet Pizza Oven Is a Great Choice

The wood-fired pizza oven works better than the conventional oven and is the right choice for you. Besides, pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven has better quality than that prepared in a regular oven. The pellet pizza oven is incredibly hot, meaning it takes a shorter time to get pizza ready. Also, you don’t have to spend a lot of time cooking the pizza, as this oven gets it ready between 60 to 90 seconds. However, the time is only shorter when the oven is properly fired up. Therefore, you should consider buying wood-fired pizza. You can buy online or through other platforms. 

In addition, the flavor of the wood-fired oven is unique. Its crust has a unique flavor that makes pizzas tastier. The high heat it produces caramelizes the crust, making it have more depth of flavor. Besides, the wood used in cooking adds a subtle smokiness that makes your pizza very delicious. This gives the wood-fired oven an edge over conventional pizza ovens. As mentioned earlier, it also takes a shorter time to cook with a wood-fired pizza oven. Within 90 seconds, the pizza will be cooked. This is much better than the 5-10 minutes it takes a conventional oven to cook pizza.

Besides, the pellet pizza oven has a better crust. Its crust puffs up within the shortest time from steam produced by intense heat. By doing so, the oven remains chewy and light, hence performing better. Due to the high levels of heat, its outer layer is fairly crisp and lighter. This gives it a unique brown spotted appearance that makes pizza cooking exciting. With its design, you don’t have to struggle with heating pizzas when cooking them.

Wood Fired Pizza Oven for a Better Experience

While conventional pizza ovens are reliable in cooking pizza, wood-fired pizza ovens are the right choice for you. They have beet combustion efficiency and take a shorter time getting the pizza ready.


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