Backpage Alternatives To Explore for Hook-ups and Personal Ads

Hook-ups and Personal Ads

When our favorite, top-choice, go-to platforms disappear (or become futile), finding an alternative that is either just as good or better than the one you were previously using becomes frustrating and challenging. If you are looking for Backpage alternatives, you are at the right place. Here are some platforms that you can consider exploring. These platforms are rugged and offer many features that you can benefit from. Let’s get started!

1. Craigslist: A Trusted Option

A popular Backpage replacement, Craigslist has been a choice for classifieds, including personals and casual encounters. With its user base, the platform offers a range of options that cater to different preferences – from platonic connections to discreet, intimate meetings.

2. Doublelist: On the Rise

Doublelist has emerged as a substitute for those seeking casual relationships or encounters. It is a community hub where like-minded individuals can engage in activities without judgment or restrictions. 

3. Locanto: Simplifying Local Connections

Locanto strives to make it easy to transition seamlessly from classifieds to meetups. This platform is about displaying location advertisements, allowing users to easily search for potential connections nearby, making it convenient and user-friendly.

4. Bedpage: Opening Up New Opportunities

With an interface similar to Craigslist layout, Bedpage offers an alternative way to explore your interests. It covers a range of categories, such as dating services, casual encounters, and unconventional relationships. By offering filters based on location and interests, Bedpage helps you discover your match.

5. Oodle: A Versatile Approach

Oodle distinguishes itself as more than just a classified ads platform by aggregating listings from sources across multiple categories in one place for effortless browsing. Featuring sections dedicated to dating, personal ads, job listings, and real estate, among others, Oodle is a platform with various choices.

6. Adult Friend Finder: Tailored for Adult Connections

In contrast to connection platforms, Adult Friend Finder specifically caters to adult relationships and encounters. Focused on connecting individuals interested in sex or exploring their desires in a secure online space.

7. Extensive Listing Options is a website offering ads spanning multiple categories for casual dating, including a personal section. Its user-friendly interface enables individuals to browse through listings easily and securely or create their own.

8. Hoobly: Catering to Diverse Interests

Hoobly offers a range of categories in its personals section catering to unique preferences such as fetish-oriented relationships. By providing sections for desires, Hoobly attracts individuals seeking personalized connections.

9. Geebo: Prioritizing Safety and Trust

Geebo is known for its commitment to user safety and security. With a focus on preventing scams and fraudulent activities, this platform creates a space for users to interact. Geebo ensures the authenticity of listings and enforces policies for user protection.

10. CityNews: Connecting Locally

CityNews specializes in connecting people within cities, making it an excellent choice for those with local connections. Users can explore ads in their area, facilitating connections with like-minded individuals nearby. Whether one seeks encounters or meaningful relationships, CityNews simplifies finding connections.

11. Let’s Chat: Telegram and Discord Groups

In addition to dedicated classified advertisement platforms, online chat groups can provide opportunities to explore hook-ups and personal connections. Platforms like Telegram and Discord have become popular for individuals seeking like-minded individuals in a more interactive setting.

On Telegram, users can find numerous public or private groups focused on various interests or specific localities. These groups serve as communities where individuals can share their interests, discuss topics related to relationships, and connect with others who share similar desires.


Despite the closure of a platform that served as a go-to hub for classifieds related to hookups and personal ads, viable alternative platforms exist worth considering. Different online platforms such as Craigslist, Doublelist, and Oodle cater to various interests with their features. It’s essential to be cautious when interacting and follow the safety guidelines these platforms provide. 

Prioritize your safety by getting to know matches before meeting in person and taking precautions during face-to-face meetings. These platforms offer alternatives for connecting with others who share your interests, allowing you to explore your desires and build relationships at your own pace and comfort.


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