Six Things You Need to Know Before Consuming NMN Supplements    

NMN Supplements

 As soon as you hop on to the internet, you will be served with advertisements for various anti-aging cosmetics and creams, each professing to have the ability to turn back the clock. But, true anti-aging has little to do with serums. NMN Supplements

What makes you look older and age are the cells in your body, and as long as you are not doing something to promote regeneration of the cells in the body, anti-aging creams or anything of that sort will prove ineffective. 

 However, due to advances in modern medicine, you can now take the best NMN supplements to promote the NAD+ in your body and improve cells’ regeneration. Consumption of these supplements even helps with improving the overall immunity, strengthens the body, improves brain function and elongates one’s life. 

Also, there have been many studies that have concluded that the consumption of NMN supplements is safe for humans and does not cause any side effects. But, you must be wondering, “how often should I take NMN supplmenets?’ As per trials, it is safe for you to consume up to 500mg a day. So, you can take a 250mg capsule once or twice a day. 

Here are things you need to know before consuming NMN supplements. 

  1. Moisturisers or serums will not help with anti-aging

Commonly the information you receive regarding anti-aging is from the internet and television. Most companies selling anti-aging products sell topical creams and other cosmetics that do not affect your body on a cellular level.  But, the true sense of anti-aging lies in slowing down the process of aging on a cellular level by improving the regeneration of cells. 

The cells stop functioning at their optimal level as you age. Consuming supplements like NMN can help in minimising the cell damage caused by aging, stress, diseases, pollution and other related factors. 

With the degeneration of cells, all the other bodily functions suffer, such as the brain functioning decreases, the heart becomes weak, and even the immunity weakens. Such supplements aim to aid the cells’ production by providing the body with stimulants such as NAD+. 

So, unless the cream does not affect you on a cellular level, it can not technically be deemed anti-aging. 

2. The Effects of Age 

Your body’s cells are not something that stays constant; they undergo various phases or stages such as oxidation, glycation, and methylation

In the oxidation stage, the cells can be damaged because of the free radicals, and in the glycation stage, these chemicals can affect the DNA, proteins, and even the mitochondria. These harmful chemicals can hamper the process of cell regeneration. 

So, if the body cannot produce healthy cells, your overall health will suffer. Supplements like NMN restore functional proteins and prevent the oxidation of free radicals. 

3. NAD is Limited in the Body

NAD+ aids the function of a protein group called sirtuins to improve overall cell health. However, maintaining cell health is ongoing, and the body must continue producing NAD to keep cells healthy. But, as you age, the amount of NAD produced by the body deteriorates. 

4. How do the Supplements Help

There have been various studies in which NMN and NAD supplements were given to aged mice, and upon testing their cell cultures, they showed similarities with the cells of young mice. All the cultures treated with NAD and NMN showed less degeneration of cells than the group that was not exposed to NAD. 

5. How to boost NAD production

You can improve the diet you consume to improve NAD levels in the body. You can switch to a ketogenic diet and eat only foods high in fats and low in carbs as it stimulates the body to fat as the source of energy rather than glucose. When your body is in Keto, it improves the NAD and NADH levels. 

However, switching to a Keto diet altogether is not ideal for everyone. 

The best way to boost NAD production is to consume NMN supplements, as they are the most effective way to improve the production of NAD in the body. 

Besides, NMN supplements also have the same anti-aging properties as NAD. So you get to reap the benefits of both. 

In the long run, consuming NMN supplements will prove beneficial as it supports cell energy for better regeneration and provides anti-aging benefits by promoting cell regeneration. 

6. The Dosage of Supplements

You must be wondering, “how often should I take NMN supplmenets?” It is advised that you take up to two capsules a day and ensure you consume NMN within 500mg. 

These are some of the common things you must know about NMN supplements. The best part about NMN consumption is that there are no side effects, and the supplement will only prove beneficial for you in the long run.



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