Top Fashionable Female Sports Icons

Female Sports Icons

When it comes to sports, there are a lot of involvements other than just watching a match. You need people around to discuss and analyze the match and also bet. But what if you got no one? Well, there are news apps that give you the live updates and allow you in chat rooms to communicate with people in real time. Moreover, online betting allows you to do sports betting right from your home. There are even options of Free Bet No Deposit if you are a newcomer. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the best betting sites and enlist yourself in the one that suits you the most. However, whether you are interested in sports or not, when it comes to the fashion sense of the sports icons, we all look at them with mouths wide in admiration and of course try copying them in more affordable ways. So, here is a list of the most fashionable female sports icons. 

  1. Serena Williams

This outstanding monster of a tennis player has also come to the notice with her bold fashion segments. Her sister Venus might be the one who has a degree in fashion but Serena definitely knows how to ace a look much better. Her day-glo vibrant tennis outfits while on the court are very famous. She once played an important match wearing a denim skirt that was specially designed for her along with athletic boots that ran up till her knees. She also played the 2002 US Open in a black Lycra catsuit.

2. Maria Sharapova- Female Sports Icons

This Russian tennis star might have had an illustrious tennis career but in the realms of fashion, she would always remain a timeless beauty. Her number of tennis titles face a tough competition from the number of endorsements that she has to her name. She is the brand representative of Tag Heuer, Tiffany, Cole Haan and even Nike. Moreover, she has started her own line in both fashion wear as well as athletic wears. In fact, she is a designer! She has designed purses and shoes for Cole Haan. Her signature pair of ballet flats from Cole Haan turned out to be the brand’s one of the best all-time sellers. Sharapova gives a vaguely light academia vibe. Her style is defined by a lot of lace, sequins, tulle and chiffon. There is generally a lot of femininity in her delicate but stylish looks which she pairs up with her flawless looks, high heels, perfect jewelry and make-up. If you are a sports novice, you can easily mistake her with a full-time professional model.

3. Danica Patrick

This NASCAR driver is an  outstanding example of the balance between being athletic and chic. It comes as no surprise that she is the face of many fashion brands. Her girly style together with her strong athletic abilities makes her an interesting blend. She is generally found wearing mid-length dresses along with signature jewelry, heels and her long, wavy, open brown hair. Her hair is almost what completes her look and makes it the most unique. 

Who is your favourite? 


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