9 Favorite Foods of the World’s Best Athletes

the World’s Best Athletes

When we watch professional athletes, it may seem that their diet consists exclusively of the healthiest dishes. However, it turns out that even masters like Ronaldo, Messi, and Conor McGregor can’t resist delicious food, even if it is unhealthy. (outdoorelementsusa.com) the World’s Best Athletes-

Cristiano Ronaldo – Bacalhau- the World’s Best Athletes

The world-famous football player trains 5 times a week for 3-4 hours and monitors closely his sleep and nutrition. But he admits that he cannot resist the bacalhau, cooked by his mother Dolores. “Bacalhau” means “cod” in Portuguese. This dish is a combination of cod, eggs, potatoes, onions, and other vegetables.

Now the Portuguese must especially miss his mother’s food which could cheer him up. Ronaldo’s Manchester United team is far outside the top four of the English Championship, and bookmaker analysts at https://bookmaker-ratings.com/  give a little more than a 6% chance that the Red Devils will play in the Champions League next year.

Lionel Messi – Schnitzel

 Lionel Messi, the lifelong rival of Ronaldo and captain of the Argentina national team chooses meat as his favorite dish. Namely, the Argentine schnitzel, which his mother has always cooked for him. She admits that ever since his childhood, Leo has always demanded schnitzel and has never eaten anything else. This preference has remained with him to this day.

Mike Tyson – noodles with vegetables

The peak of the career of Mike Tyson, the absolute world heavyweight boxing champion, came at the end of the 1980s when there was still no fashion for personal nutritionists and chefs, so his trainer and part-time adoptive father controlled Iron Mike’s nutrition. The father did not spoil his pupil with variety and gastronomic delights, but Mike still had a favorite dish, noodles with vegetables in soy sauce.

Conor McGregor – Tuna and cheese sandwich

You might think that the brutal Irish UFC ex-champion in two weight categories must prefer meat and only meat. But no, Conor loves sandwiches, especially ones with cheese. He trains twice a day and needs protein to keep his muscles strong, so he adds canned tuna fish to them. 

Lewis Hamilton – Fajitas

The seven-time Formula One winner prefers Fajitas, grilled meat with vegetables wrapped in a tortilla. However, since Lewis stopped eating meat, he began to make cakes with rice and a lot of vegetables, using beans, peppers, tomatoes, and greens. It is with this dish that the racer treats guests at friendly gatherings.

LeBron James – Taco

The NBA star cannot imagine his life without another Mexican dish, Tacos. Outside of basketball, LeBron is devoted to his taco ritual, which takes place every Tuesday. This is confirmed by dozens of videos on social networks, in which the athlete manifests his gastronomic delight. James is so passionate about the weekly tradition that in 2019 he attempted to trademark Taco Tuesday.

Usain Bolt – spicy wings

It turns out that the eight-time Olympic champion in athletics who set 7 world records is a big fan of fast food. In particular, fried wings, which he is ready to eat every day. After another winning run at the London Olympics, Usain admitted that shortly before the start he ate wings and nuggets. One can only guess: perhaps it was the fried wings that helped him win another victory.

Roger Federer – pasta- the World’s Best Athletes

20-time Grand Slam winner Roger Federer has a passion for Italian cuisine. Answering questions from fans on Twitter, the tennis player admitted that his favorite dish is Italian pasta in any of its manifestations.

Michael Jordan – seafood

The the World’s Best Athletes best basketball player in history, according to most fans, Michael Jordan is crazy about seafood. The Chicago Bulls legend especially likes salmon, which he is ready to eat in any form.


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