4 HVAC Repair Tips You Should Know to Prevent Unwanted Breakdowns


HVAC is the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system of a home. It has 9 basic components-  furnace, heat exchanger, evaporator coil, condensing unit, refrigerant tubes, thermostat, ductwork, vents, and heat pump.

When getting a new HVAC system, make sure to ensure the proper functioning of all its components and get in touch with a professional who makes repairs and gives annual service for the HVAC system. 

Here are 4 HVAC repair tips that’ll help you make sure that your HVAC system is well maintained and lasts long – 

Replace Air Filters

Operating your HVAC with a dirty or clogged filter can damage your equipment. Air filters need to be regularly checked for any dirt, debris, or clogs and need to be changed after every 1 to 3 months. The more people or pets that live in your house, the more often those air filters need to be replaced. This is because more crowd means more pollution and more use of the air in your home.

Replacing the air filter after every 30-90 days will improve the efficiency of the system. This will also reduce the energy expenses for heating or cooling the home and save you from larger expenses where you would need to change the entire system to get a new one if the damage is irreparable. 

The efficiency of the air filter can be measured by the thaw sound it produces where the filter can freeze if it is too dirty causing water damage. You can gently clean the filter with a soft texture cloth if the filter is reusable. Use some mild soap and water to do the cleaning. 

Follow up on Professional Preventive Maintenance

The annual maintenance service plan of the HVAC system is expensive. The expenses will outweigh the costs of the HVAC repairs. The check-up can be done yearly or periodically according to your home’s air conditioning needs. The HVAC technician will need to make an on-site visit to your home, and examine the HVAC system to ensure that it is operating at optimum performance.

The need for a professional check-up on a regular or yearly basis is to ensure that the HVAC system does not break down when you need it most, that is during the really hot days in the summer and cold winter months. The servicing needs to be done thoroughly by an expert to make sure that all the components are well cleaned and well inspected. Also, the expenses for high damage is cut down and repair bills are minimal throughout the year.

“An Air Conditioning Repair Expert needs to be actually an expert in fixing and repairing every component, small and big, and not just replace the them in order to provide the best solution for their customers.” says Fox Family Heating and Air Conditioning, an Air Conditioning Repair expert near Sacramento, California. 

HVAC system maintenance is important as it is an essential unit in your home. The HVAC system comprises many small moving parts that play a huge role in your home’s comfort in maintaining the desired temperature and air condition. Keep in touch with an HVAC contractor and make sure they are always a call away in case of any minor or severe breakdown. They will be familiar with the connections inside of your HVAC system and won’t take much time to get the service job done sooner than anybody else could.

Proper and Thorough Cleaning

  • Clean the Vents

Air vents are used to allow the flow of heated or cooled air to enter the air in your home space through the ductwork. As such, never close the vents. Allowing the air vents to open helps to distribute even temperature flow throughout the home. Keep the air vents clean to avoid allergies and blockages. 

  • Clean the Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are used both for heating and cooling purpose. In the summer months, they are used for cooling, and in the winter months, they are used for heating the space. Heat pumps can get notably dirty over time. This causes the heat pumps to malfunction or not work properly as required. Make sure that there is no dust or debris in and around the heat pumps. Clean properly between the crevices to get all the junk out. Check for the level of the unit. A lopsided unit might not serve well as the refrigerants will be disjoint. The condenser and compressor could be at severe risk of breaking down.

  • Make a Duct Passage Inspection

The ductwork manages the flow of air to and from the HVAC network. A dirty and clogged ductwork will pollute the air inside making the house dusty and the HVAC will make unwanted sounds if it is working harder than it should, this will also waste more energy increasing your energy bill. The ducts need to be checked regularly and clean when needed. Make your HVAC contractor go through the ductwork thoroughly to prevent any air leakage or enough dirt clogging up inside to block the airflow or even pollute the air released inside the house. 

Clean Outside and Around the HVAC Unit

Cleaning the outside of the HVAC unit is as important as cleaning the insides. Cleaning the outside will prevent or minimize the flow of polluted air inside the HVAC unit. The outside needs to be cleaned monthly. Clear out any leaves, twigs, dirt, and debris and trim down nearby plants to make them short so that they don’t breach the airflow. Wipe the outsides of the unit, use water and soap if needed to clean them well.


An HVAC system is an essential need in any home and such, the above HVAC repair tips need to be efficiently followed without to avoid any malfunction. Schedule regular check-ups for the HVAC unit. Notice any disturbances or malfunctioning of the system and keep in touch with your HVAC contractor for maintenance services.


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