Xzibit Net Worth: Early Life and Income

Xzibit Net Worth
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If you are a fan of rap and music, you probably have heard Xzibit. He is one of the most famous rappers in the American music industry. Apart from being actively involved in the music industry, he also has involvement in acting, singing and songwriting. Xzibit has achieved some of the biggest successes in his career. Therefore, many people want to know the Xzibit Net worth. 

Who is Xzibit? 

As said earlier, Xzibit is one of the most successful rappers. Born as Alvin Nathaniel Joiner, Xzibit is his stage name. He is also known for his wide range of activities in the music industry. He is a very prominent radio personality as well. 

Haven’t you ever heard of Xzibit? Well, you’re doing something wrong. You can look up for him on YouTube and listen to some of his hits forever. He has worked with some of the most renowned TV personalities. 

Xzibit Early Life

Xzibit was born in 1974 in Michigan. If you have heard the success stories of different rappers, you will know how much of an impact Xzibit has had on people’s lives. Well, he was a very motivated child. He started rapping from the age of 10 but was thrown out of his house at 14. 

Like every success story begins with struggle, Xzibit underwent numerous challenges in his early life. However, Xzibit has always maintained that his mother, a writer, had always been his source of inspiration. 


Xzibit started his career unprofessionally at the mere age of 10. He started rapping under the pseudonym of Exhibit A. It was in 1995 that he made a professional appearance. He signed with Loud Records and also released his debut album. In Billboard Chart 200, Xzibit’s album was at No. 74. Apart from that, he was also in Number 38 in the Canadian Albums Chart. 

Xzibit Net Worth
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With his second album release, he had gained a massive fan following from the West Coast. His second album, 40 Dayz & 40 Nightz, was a huge hit. Even the critics did not shy away from praising it. Many even went to the extent of saying that it was one of the best Classic West Coast hip-hop records. One of the major reasons for its success was various singles.

Dr. Dre and other artists

After the success of these albums, Xzibit became a favorite of Dr. Dre. Dr. Dre eventually helped in building Xzibit net worth. How? He helped Xzibit get into some of the best high-profile guest spots. After having a successful career in music, Xzibit pursued his acting career in 1999 with The Breaks. 

However, none of these contributed majorly to the success of Xzibit, as did his third studio album. Dr. Dre worked as an executive procedure and even had some of the big names in the American music industry feature. Some of the most famous artists that made guest appearances alongside Xzibit were Eminem, Snoop Dog and more. However, one of the most prominent things to note was despite his successful career in music; he did not shy away from acting in films. He acted in some of the best films, such as The Slim Shady Show, Wash, 8 Mile, etc. 

One of the fascinating things about Xzibit is just how talented he is. After his acting and music industry success, he also made appearances in comedy shows. He was in Cedric the Entertainer Presents. During this time, he also released his fourth studio album, Man vs. Machine. The album made its spot in the gold space. 

During his years in the music industry, Dr. Dre has worked with some of the best artists like Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Limp Bizkit, Eminem, 50 Cent, Game, Alice Cooper and many more. Apart from working with American artists, he has also actively worked with Russian and German artists. He has collaborated with Adil Omar from Pakistan. 

One of the main reasons Xzibit has such a huge fan following is that people believe in him. He can connect with his audience. Even when he talks about hip-hop, he makes sure to speak from his heart. He also hosted the MTV show Pimp My Ride, which played an important role in his international mainstream success. However, his salary wasn’t that huge. 

Xzibit Net Worth

As per records, Xzibit net worth is approximately $3 million. All of this has been possible because of his appearances in TV shows, music albums and more.

Xzibit has some of the best cars and mansion collections due to his huge net worth. One of the most prominent cars in Xzibit’s collection is his Bugatti Veyron. He has a $670,000 house in the suburbs of LA in the Woodland Hills. However, that property is now sold. It is yet very unclear how much Xzibit sold the property for. 

One of the main reasons Xzibit became an instant hit among people was his witty lines and charismatic personality. All these stents played an important role in his achieving success in his film career.

What to learn from Xzibit? 

Xzibit is one of the most successful rappers in today’s time. All of this has been possible because he was motivated and didn’t shy away from working. He always made it a point to work hard. As much as he invested in his work, he invested in his family. 

Xzibit Net Worth
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Xzibit worked on bringing a balance both in terms of presence and time. At a very young age, Xzibit learned how important balance was and therefore worked on achieving it. Therefore, when you start working towards something, you will become obsessed with the other thing. You will gradually find your obsessions and work on achieving them. 

Final Words

Xzibit began rapping when he was very young. He did all that to cope with the loss of his mother. However, in a very short time, he started working with some of the big rappers in the industry. He became an instant hit, and therefore today, Xzibit net worth is around $3 million. 


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