What Are the Window Covering Styles of 2022?

Window Covering Styles
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Different style options must be available since window coverings are what you see when you look at a building. The future of window coverings will have several different styles, which will be determined by the types of windows used on future residences. For instance, single and double-hung windows will have various slat options. They have one vertical opening and one horizontal opening with sashes that can be lifted and lowered separately. They can be fitted with any shade or blind type (or combination) desired, whereas bay or bow windows often need vertical shades to reduce visibility from other properties because there are many openings on all sides. Window Covering Styles –

Shades are obvious on initial viewing, making them a less popular choice than full-extension windows. Some different types of windows will not have styles to choose from. These include casement (which has one fixed window and one that slides out or in), semi-cistern (which requires a horizontal opening to allow rainwater to pass through), and double-hung casement (which have two hinged sashes).

The Window Covering Trends of 2022

Despite the type of window covering, there is no right option for quality or efficiency. Each window covering has its advantages and disadvantages, with some having better insulation properties than others. The following is a discussion of the most common window covering styles on the market today, with a strong emphasis on acrylics and cordless blinds. These products are most often used in the home today, but each may have limitations that the consumer should know about to ensure they make an informed choice when choosing their window covering.

Slat Shades

Slat shades are available in many different materials and finishes. They are made to be drawn with a continuous cord or individual cords for each slat. Because slats provide only light control (not privacy), it is possible to purchase a thinner material that allows more light through but still provides some solar protection for those rooms where lots of sunlight can get in. Slat styles are available for casement, double-hung, and bay/bow windows.

Single-Cell Blinds (Rope-and-Cord)

Single-cell blinds are also available in many different materials and finishes like their slat shade cousins. They are made to be drawn with a continuous cord or individual cords for each cell. Single-cell blinds provide more light control than slats but still allow some light through. Semi-translucent fabrics that allow light to pass through but not visibility from outside make them a good choice when an area needs privacy without blocking the sun. Single-cell blinds are available in single-hung, double-hung, bay/bow, and casement styles.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are probably the most common and recognizable type of window covering. They consist of many vertical slats that slide from top to bottom to open or close the window. Vertical blinds can also be found with as few as one slat or as many as 20+ slats. The fabric used is usually made of a lightweight woven fabric so that the individual slats are not easily seen through but allow sunlight to pass through if the room needs lots of sunlight (such as a kitchen, for example). Light control is good, and they are also a good choice when one wants to block the view from outside. Vertical blinds are available in single-hung and double-hung styles.

Solar Shades- Window Covering Styles 

Solar shades (also known as sunshades) consist of two pieces of fabric that hang inside and outside the window frame. The outer piece attaches to the window and is translucent material (usually 1/4” thick, but can be more). It usually has weights sewn into the bottom hem to hold it in place on the outer side of the window frame. The inner piece attaches to the opening inside and is made of a white material that allows sunlight but hides it from an outside view. The inner part is usually made of a heavier fabric (usually 1/2” thick) so that it is not easily seen through but allows sunlight to pass through if the room needs lots of sunlight (such as a kitchen, for example). Light control is good, and they are also a good choice when one wants to block the view from outside.

Opening Brown Motorized Anti-Theft Blind Using Knob Switch

Cordless Blinds

The cordless blinds are, in fact, blinds; however, instead of having cords that go from top to bottom, they have weights sewn into them at each side. The consequences get pulled by a cordon on either side when the blind is opened or closed.

The cordless blinds are available in single hung and double hung styles only. The cordless blinds are also available in cellular and cellular with pre-lit styles (with lights built into them). The cellular types have a second layer of fabric that hides the bottom slats when the blind is in the closed position. Most cellular techniques have four or six slats in each cell. The pre-lit styles have lights built into them (usually three lights per cordless blind). Raising and lowering the cordless blinds allows one to turn on the lights if one chooses to do so.

Trefoil, Roman Shades & Massaging Shades

The trefoil shades are a type of blind consisting of three material pieces that hang on three sides. The middle piece usually is made up of a thick plastic material that gives the trefoil illusion. The other two parts are 1/4” white or gray fabric with a center black stripe or a center black stripe. Light control is good because they have no outside light passing through, but this type has a couple of drawbacks, especially regarding blocking exterior views. They completely block all light (both solar and artificial) from the room behind the windows when they are closed. Another drawback is that they obstruct any outdoor views if there is a view from the window.

There are many different window coverings to choose from. However, there is much more to look at when upgrading to motorized shades and curtain rods. Feel free to explore your options and jump on a trend you’re excited about!



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