Cannabis in 2022 – How to Consume It?


Have you found yourself in the cannabis world and are interested in all of the new cannabis consumption methods that are available in 2022? Do you want to try something else besides smoking and want to know what is out there for you?

Marijuana consumption habits have changed over the years, and it all started with joints and chillums. Bongs and pipes were then popular, and now stores like Canna Cabana offer so many different ways to consume. Different consumption methods mean different kinds and types of highs, and this means that some methods of consumption have quickly risen in popularity. 2022 is the year that these trends met with traditional ways as well. If you want to know more about cannabis consumption methods in 2022, continue reading. 


One of the most common methods of consumption and a method that has been around for quite a while and has been popular for just as long is the bong. bongs are glass water pipes that are used to smoke weed less aggressively.

The smoke goes through a water chamber before it is inhaled which therefore means it is a lot smoother and a lot gentler on your lungs when inhaled. Bongs are also incredibly convenient because you can smoke as much as you would in a joint but rather than taking a few minutes you can have the same amount in just one hit.

Cannabis Drinks 

These days there are so many different consumption methods available who want to choose from when it comes to cannabis, it can be tricky to know which one is right for you however there’s bound to be something you will enjoy. first up on our list we have cannabis drinks.

the chances are that you already know about edibles which are essentially food that has been infused with cannabis did you know that you can get a leather jacket been infused with cannabis? There are all sorts of different beverages that had been infused with cannabis that you can choose from whether you want a hot drink to keep you warm or a cold drink to keep you refreshed

you can find things such as coffee and tea, to sodas and so much more. When it comes to this method of consumption it works similarly to that of edibles and you will feel the effects within 20 minutes to an hour they will last for a pretty long time and are also far more potent than that of other consumption methods

Topicals and Creams

the next consumption method that we have on our list is creams and topicals. it is no secret that cannabis is used for medicinal purposes, and it is very commonly used to help manage and treat both short-term and chronic pain and inflammation. the topical application of cannabis products makes it much easier to target the affected areas and reach them too.

creams and topicals have also been introduced into the skin Care World and have become very popular, especially among those who struggled with acne or acne scarring. These products are typically more expensive than that your everyday skincare products, but they are well worth it.


another great way for people to consume marijuana if they are using it for medicinal purposes is to use a capsule. Capsules work just like edibles because they are digested similarly but essentially just have concentrated cannabis in them.Try Super Speciosa Kratom Capsules with a wide variety of benefits, an alternative to cannabis.

They are incredibly easy to consume and are discreet enough so that it does not come across as you just using cannabis for recreational purposes. These can be a little bit more expensive, but they are worth it if you can afford it


For those who are looking for the healing aspects of cannabis without getting high then CBD oil is the product for you. CBD oil is it concentrated form of CBD which is the cannabinoid within cannabis that is responsible for healing and does not get you high at all.

CBD oil is commonly used for medicinal purposes such as treating or managing pain and inflammation, managing anxiety and depression or even helping to treat the symptoms of cancer treatment such as nausea and pain.

CBD oil is more readily available than that cannabis or cannabis products because it is not illegal and can be easily found in your local drug store



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