Why you should open a Dental Practice in 2022

a Dental Practice

Reading financial news and looking at financial channels you might see the strong sales growth throughout the retail market in December and wonder why should you open a dental practice in 2022.

If you already have a desire to work independently, now is the time that you should consider opening a dental practice in 2022. If you are happiest coming and going based on your schedule, being in charge, and putting in the extra effort, you will find a great deal of reward from opening your own practice. When you are ready to take that challenge, know that 2022 might be a great year for you if you are financially, physically, and emotionally prepared for pulling long hours over the next few years, dealing with some frustration as you go through the process of starting a new practice. 

Covid-19 has had an impact on the field of Dentistry but some of that impact means you might be able to take advantage of the changes and open a dental practice in 2022.


Covid brought big problems for dentistry staffing. Non-emergency dental care was completely suspended for a short time and many dentists are still looking for employees to help them as more and more patients are returning for regular dental care. Given the high demand of rudimentary dental care from people who spent years in lockdown and now are feeling the urge to compensate for that missed time, you will find it much easier to have a dental practice and see more patients.


One of the biggest changes that covid brought about was the rise of teledentistry. This means that you will have even more flexibility if you choose to open a dental practice in 2022 than you’ve ever had before. People who are completely comfortable with telework of any kind and can focus the majority of their non-emergency services to virtual appointments will find this change very reassuring. Virtual consultations gave people access to safe and easy dental care. 

In fact, many dental patients found that this was much easier for them because they could simply take pictures or videos inside their mouth and get a quick diagnosis without having to drive to a dental practice. If you are opening a new practice you can capitalize on this and save yourself the overhead costs while concurrently combating the staffing issues affecting the industry and still achieve a good customer base and long-term financial success.


If you are a huge fan of technology and you are ready to make changes or adapt quickly, you should consider opening a dental practice in 2022. There are plenty of older individuals who have specialized in their fields for decades but don’t have any familiarity with different levels of technology and in fact are reticent to adopt them. But now, thanks in large part to the changes brought about by covid to the dental industry, more and more technology is reshaping the way dentistry works. 

Augmented reality helps clinically and educationally by providing virtual depictions of how reconstruction or aesthetic dental procedures can help a given patient. Virtual reality is also giving people an opportunity to overcome their fear of going to the dentist. In fact, 50% of British residents are afraid of their dentist and 12% of those are terrified to the point of a significant phobia about virtual reality headsets can immerse these people in a virtual environment that is calming and happy so that they can still get access to the dental care they need without realizing they are sitting in a dentist office.

Things like 3D printing are making it easier to eliminate previous bottlenecks having to do with dental labs, manual modeling, and the creation of things like bridges or crowns for dental repair. As such you can start a new practice in 2022 and take advantage of the way in which this technology now expedites the services you can provide.

Technology is also helping where administrative concerns are. This relates tangentially to Staffing problems and with things like appointment confirmation software or chatbots you can have customer questions answered easily without having to call your office while also managing appointments online. 

When you choose to open a dental practice, as a dental practitioner you need to connect with a wholesale distributor who can provide you with the equipment you need such as dentomycin gel. Being able to connect online with suppliers is now very easy thanks to new technology. New technology and online services have facilitated your ability to purchase what you need online, get copies of your receipt sent to you digitally, and have everything you need, when you need it.



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