Treat Your Body Like a Temple Meaning and How to Do It

Treat Your Body Like a Temple Meaning and How to Do It

Treat your body like a temple is what you need to read on Women’s Day! If it is for the first time you are hearing about this, no doubt that it would sound weird to you.

Yes, taking care of your body is important to you. But isn’t it kind of odd to treat your body like a temple?

Well, that is the whole point for us to write this article. We want you to understand why you keep hearing this term.

Throughout this article, you will read so many details about this particular subject. But for that, you need to stay with us till the end.

Here we will discuss why you should treat your body like a temple and how you can do that. We want to start by telling you exactly why you need to treat your body like a temple.

My body is a temple

Now, first of all, you should know why you must start to worship your body. The Bible says that our bodies are the residents of the holy spirit. Treating your body like a temple is a verse from the Bible.

All of us humans are created by God, and he made us piece by piece with the ultimate affection. So we must take good care of his handiwork.

But that’s not all! Despite Him being our creator, we all got detached from Him. But then came Jesus Christ, our savior from damnation. He rescued us and showed us ways to all walk with him towards God.

When you follow Christ and follow his path, your body becomes a resident of the holy spirit. Therefore, your body becomes a temple. So naturally, you must treat your body as such.

The ways of treating your body like a temple

Now that you know why you should treat your body like a temple, it’s time to know the methods:

Sleep well at night

This is the first and foremost rule to treat your body like a temple. No matter whatever you do during the day, you should sleep well during the night. That’s because getting proper sleep is most important.

Treat Your Body Like a Temple Meaning and How to Do It

Do meditation regularly

There is absolutely nothing in this world that can beat the power of meditation. It can do wonders for you and your mind. But nowadays, most of us are just not feeling like we should do a bit of meditation.

But trust us when we say that you should give a chance to meditation when it comes to a tension-free mind. Be it just for five minutes or an hour; it will help you get a fresh mind.

Don’t forget to hydrate

Eating healthy may not be a problem for you, but keeping yourself hydrated could be! That is why you must remember to drink water from time to time.

Eat healthy to stay fit

We eat because it is necessary to stay alive, not by choice. But choosing what to eat is significant.

You can eat whatever makes you happy without thinking about whether it is healthy or not. Or you can add vegetables, fruits, and salads to your daily food chart. The choice is up to you.

Be a fitness freak

Sometimes being a freak is a good thing, especially when it comes to fitness. You should not let anything come between you and your adequately maintained body. Join a gym or workout at home. But do it regularly so that you don’t get rusty!

Treat Your Body Like a Temple Meaning and How to Do It

Enhance your immunity

It would help if you tried to increase your immunity power right now more than ever due to the pandemic. To treat your body like a temple, you should make it solid from within.

Take enough vitamin C so that you can pull through from any common disease.

Do some activities as much as possible

We all know that a lazy brain is the devil’s playground. This is true. Your brain starts to wonder whenever you remain inactive, and that’s not a good thing.

Of course, you need some time off to clear your head. But that doesn’t mean you are allowed to lie around in your free time.

Do whatever makes you happy. Try to engage in such things, which are helpful to the brain’s workout. Always remember that you must use the full potential of your brain as much as you can!

Don’t let tension be an obstacle

You know that you are doing everything you can so that your body stays healthy and protected. But if some unnecessary overthinking constantly try to bother you, that would take a toll on your body too.

So if you want to treat your body like a temple, you must eliminate all the tension!

Treat your body like a temple meaning

You understand that treating your body like a temple is related to the Bible. But does it only mean that the Christians or the other religions have something to do too?

We know that so many questions still come out of your mind. But you don’t need to worry much. This section will tell you about treating your body like a temple meaning.

The first question bothering you is which temple they are talking about. In the Old Testament, there was this mention of a holy place of Israelites. That was like a temple that should be protected at any cost.

If you have a perfect idea of what is written in the Bible, you will understand this quite easily. But not just in the Bible; there are instances of something like this in Upanishad. So it’s not just Christians who believe in this theory.

Why believe your body is a temple

Your body is a temple, and it should be treated like one. But sometimes, we tend to forget all about that. We start doing some things which are not suitable for our body.

The body is meant to be a nesting place for the holy spirit. For that, we need to maintain its holiness of it. But some of us think otherwise and start doing wrong things that are an absolute no.

Then again, it is also true that nothing lasts forever, and your body will decay one day. But that doesn’t mean you should do what you want with it.

This body of yours is a present from the almighty. God created your soul and the body so that you can come to earth to do his work. So it is your job to take good care of the body.

You might not realize it, but your body indeed has more potential than you think. It can do magic if you use it properly.

The brain alone has such potential that a man can use just a little bit in his whole lifetime. So you see that we all have so much more abilities that are God-given.

God built every other body in this world. So we are not in a position to question his artwork.

Every body built by God is sacred. This is why we should do everything in our power to protect that sacredness. If we think of our body as a temple, we will treat it that way.

So now that you know that your body is a temple, you should start treating it that way. Cleansing the body is an essential thing when it comes to taking care of it.

You should keep it devoid of any kind of impurities. It would help if you always kept an eye on what was inside the body.

My body is a temple Bible verse

If you read the Bible, you will see instructions about how you can treat your body as a temple. But here, we wrote down some of my body is a temple bible verse.

Don’t get tempted easily

The main summary of this verse is that you should not indulge yourself in any addiction. The devil always tries to pull us away from the truth and whatever is pure. But we should not lose ourselves that way.

No matter how hard the devil tries, you need to be firm in front him. So it would help if you closed all the doors so that all of these impurities cannot even touch you.

Give some of your time only to God

Of course, you already know about the ten commandments. But it is our job to remind you once again.

First, you must give your body the necessary amount of time to heal and regain that lost energy. We already talked about that in the beginning.

Then God says that humankind is allowed to enjoy themselves just like him. They don’t need to work hard once a week and have a little faith in God.

Then the Bible says that we are maybe busy in our everyday lives. But that doesn’t mean we cannot take a day to honour him. You are allowed to do labour for 6 days a week. But you must give one day only to God.

Pamper the body

In verse 1 Corinthians 6:20, it is written that our body is a vessel that is not originally ours. The Lord gave it to us so that we can come down here to do his holy work.

In James 1:17, it is stated that every creation of God is pure and unique. It cannot be bad at any cost. So we all should protect it from harm. If you want to learn and understand more verses, consider attending one of theĀ Christian Bible colleges, since they offer online courses. This will help you to interpret the Bible’s messages correctly and solidify your faith

The body is nothing but a present

Sometimes it seems that some of us are not satisfied at all. Then again, those commercials are out there, and they are enough to draw our attention towards artificiality.

Lucifer can sense your worst fears, and he will try to corrupt you that way. But it would help if you did not bow down before him. You must protect your God-given body no matter what happens.

Don’t let it get dirty

Now it is no secret that your body is a temple. So, in that case, you should clean the temple regularly to eliminate the impurities.

It would help if you remembered that the holy spirit within you cannot be replaced. So whatever you think is trying to replace it, don’t let it.

You cannot just try to balance two things simultaneously, like serving God with all the impurities inside you. You must choose one at a time.

By impurities, the Bible means any unnatural instinct that can pollute the mind and the body. But once you eliminate those terrible things from inside you, you are nothing but holy.

That’s all the time we had for today. We will see you again when we come up with another essential article. But how could we say goodbye without sharing our final thoughts!

What you need to do the most is understand yourself and the body. You should know for sure what your body wants most of the time.

Remember that when there is something wrong, your body will be the one to give you signals.

Last but not least, you should smile more than you usually do. That’s because a smile is the cheapest medicine in the world. It can provide you relief from grave problems.


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