DIY projects for decorating a rental apartment


Renting an apartment has many benefits, it’s much cheaper than buying a home, or even renting a home, and it allows you a certain degree of freedom when it comes to moving. However, a renting lease also tends to be very restricting with how you can change the apartment while you live in it. Almost anything you want to change, you’d first have to ask your landlord. The exception to this, usually, are non-permanent changes. Thing you can simply pick up before moving out. So, in order to help you spruce up your rental, we have put together a list of DIY projects for decorating a rental apartment.

Monogram doormat

Living in an apartment building means you will have to deal with hallways of identical front doors every day. A great way to change this is by creating a monogram doormat. It’s a simple project which will help you stand out. First, get a doormat, permanent market and two round objects of different sizes. Then use the circular objects to trace the larger circle first then the smaller one inside it. After that, outline your monogram in the font of your choice. Finally, fill in the initial and the circle with craft paint. And just like that, you will have a unique doormat to help you stand out in your apartment building. Although focusing on the outside of your apartment is also important, remember that keeping an eye on the inside is much more important. Apartment cleaning is a big part of being a renter, so don’t ignore it.


A unique doormat could be just the thing you need to spruce up the front door of your rental apartment.

Radiator cover and shelf

The first issue any renter is going to run into is a lack of storage. The next project, while it’s a little more difficult, will help you get some more storage. First, grab some plywood and mark the design for the radiator cover onto it. If necessary, use a circular saw to cut the design. Sand and rough the edges after cutting, then cut the plywood so it covers the radiator’s two sides and cut a two-inch gap at the bottom so heat can escape. Attach all of the pieces with a nail gun and glue, then add molding of your choice on top. Prime and paint the cover, then cut the metal screen using tin snips so it fits the size. Add a shelf on the side, if possible, in order to help dealing with lack of space, and place the cover over your radiator.

Fridge wallpaper

Old and outdated fridges can be quite the eyesore in a rental apartment, and getting a replacement isn’t usually an option for most people. However, by using some removable wallpaper, you can make the old fridge look fresh without too much effort. And when you decide to move out of the apartment, getting rid of the wallpaper is as easy as peeling it off. Removable wallpaper can be found almost anywhere, and if you can’t find any in person you can always buy some online. The hardest part of the process is measuring the exact size of wallpaper you will need to use. Covering up old things in your rental is a great way to make your small apartment look tidy. And if you’re someone who doesn’t value a tidy look, try it: you will notice the value immediately, we guarantee it.


Covering up an old fridge is a wonderful way to add a little life to your space while keeping everything tidy.

Add a towel ladder

When it comes to decorating a rental apartment, woodworking knowledge is very useful. If you want to practice your woodworking with something easy and also spruce up your rental space, then consider making a towel ladder. It is a very easy project with tons of guides online if you’re unsure about the type of wood or exact size a towel ladder should be. And, at the end of the day, you will be getting a little more storage space to work with. Most importantly, however, a towel ladder is very easy to move out. And it should be noted that experts from recommend only adding decorations which can be moved easily when living in a rental. A towel ladder is a great compromise between space, extra storage and decoration.

Stovetop counter or cutting board

Rental apartments seem to have a consistent issue with kitchen size. And anyone who has ever been in a tiny kitchen will tell you that the lack of counter space is very annoying. Sometimes, you can get away with adding a cart to serve as additional counter space but most of these kitchens don’t even have space for that. Adding a cutting board on top of your stove is a wonderful way to expand your counter space without actually changing much and decorating a rental apartment. If you want to make it look good, simply make it out of the same material as the rest of your counter. And when you need to use your stove, simple slip the cutting board off and put it away until it’s needed again. Remember, there are many pros of living in an apartment, but a big kitchen isn’t one of them.


Adding a little space to a tiny kitchen is a wonderful idea.

DIY projects for decorating a rental apartment – wrap up

Adding decorations, whether they are functional or not, in a rental apartment can be a real nightmare. Any change which is remotely close to permanent needs permission from your landlord, and they can deny it for any reason they find convenient at the time. As such, DIY projects are a great way to make some non-permanent additions to your rental space to spruce it up while you’re there, without needing to ask for permission first. We hope you found this list of DIY projects for decorating a rental apartment helpful, and we wish you luck with your DIY projects.


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