Get a Better Understanding of dbt Cloud in 2022


Data transformation is a crucial step in the process of moving data through a data stack and making it useful. For many companies, this is one of their greatest challenges because it can also become one of their most powerful tools. Utilizing dbt Cloud in 2022 can give your team of analysts the upper hand in leveraging their time well. This could based software is designed to off lord stress and tedious heavy lifting while allowing your team to focus where it needs to focus. 

Here are some of the top benefits of using dbt Cloud in 2022, and why you should consider implementing it in your data analytics. 

What Exactly is dbt Cloud?

In the modern world, millions of people are connected globally through technology that keeps evolving. One of the results of this growth is the fact that data can be collected at all times and it can be stored in data silos as either hard to access or unusable. This problem can hold a company back from growing their business intelligence, and being able to use this information for high-level decision making. 

One of the most popular solutions to a data silo is the data warehouse. This is a centralized aggregation of data that has been accessible and useful for a company. The process of moving the data from a silo to a data warehouse is known as either ETL or ELT. 

ETL stands for, Extract, Translate, and Load. This is the process of extracting hard to access, or unusable data from a data silo, transforming it into something useful, and then loading it into a data warehouse. ELT simply switches up the last two steps and loads data into a warehouse before transforming it. 

Both of these processes can be used to make data that was once just taking up digital space, useful. The transformation step is where you will see a dbt, data build tool,  being used. This tool focuses solely on the transformation step of ETL and can be a powerful asset to a team. The dbt Cloud is a specific dbt tool that helps to leverage a data team’s time and effort to help free them from distractions so they can focus on real problem areas. 

This production environment tool uses an intuitive design to help schedule out transformation jobs in your environment. This tool is geared towards helping smaller data teams get more mileage out of their day and focus on hard problems like CI/CD pipelines and orchestrations. Here are some of the dbt Cloud’s top benefits. 

How Does dbt Cloud Help With Information At a Glance?

The whole point of the dbt Cloud tool is to help your data team leverage their time and energy against the true challenges of their job. This means developing systems that get more bang for your buck when your data team is on the clock. One of the simple and elegant ways that dbt Cloud does this is with a documentation viewer. 

This out-of-the-box feature will help you dashboard your project’s progress and dependencies. Not only that but this documentation viewer can be expanded to have team-wide access, meaning that there’s no information bottleneck on projects. With an intuitive design and access to a whole team, dbt Cloud can help bring the whole team together in new and exciting ways. 

How Does dbt Cloud Help With Query Requests? 

Another way that dbt Cloud can help to leverage your team’s time is through live query results. Because dbt has a unique IDE (integrated development environment), it can help to reduce the amount of stress involved in attaining query results. 

This is a powerful way to help keep your team connected to valuable information quickly and easily through simple command keys. Running queries regularly with this innovative IDE will help to build keep your team on top of your data as it builds like never before. 

How Does dbt Cloud Help With Orchestration?

When it comes to data, it rarely is a small project. Being able to create an orchestration workflow is an important skill for your data team. The dbt Cloud can help your team build out effective orchestration workflows thanks to the fact that it pulls up-to-date versions of your projects. This is an innovative way that you can leverage your time powerfully since this can be automated. 


Data aggregation and transformation are a crucial part of moving businesses forward and giving them the tools they need to make wise decisions. For smaller data teams that may not have the amount of hands-on deck to handle this project manually, dbt Cloud offers a suite of useful features. These features are geared toward helping data teams leverage their time wisely toward their more challenging issues, but freeing up tedious work, and implementing effective orchestration.


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