How to Choose the Best House Removals Company in London

House Removals Company in London

Moving house can be quite the hassle and there are so many phases involved. If you have gotten an estate agent, sold your current place, and even selected where you are moving to now, then you have done the bulk of the job.

The next step you would have to take is to look for a good and reputable removal company for the actual moving. Now, there are several moving companies out there so selecting one that won’t give you trouble and would make the move as seamless as possible may not be as easy as you think.

If you want to get the best house removals in London, you would need to be as meticulous as possible with your selection process. Below we have listed out some steps and tips to follow when choosing a removal company in London or even anywhere in the world.

  1. Ask People around You

To get the best, you would need to make a shortlist of potential companies. The best way to achieve this is to ask people around you for recommendations. Your friends, neighbors, and families most likely have used a moving company in the past.

If they had a smooth move working with the service provider, then they would love to recommend them to you. Be as attentive as possible as you ask around and select 2 or 3 companies based on how sincere and trustworthy the recommendation is.

You may also want to ask to know the names of companies that people around you didn’t have a good service from. This way, you would know to avoid these services when you come across them in your search.

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  1. Make Online Research

Another way to get companies on your list is to check online, a simple Google search will bring out a list of companies. You can now pick a few from the search engine result page (SERP). You can click here if you want to learn more about SERP.

We recommend that you consider local companies over international ones. This is because they understand the transport links, black spots, traffic, and parking of the areas, so, they will be sure to get the perfect vehicles to do the job.

For a company to make your shortlist, ask and answer these questions yourself before adding them:

  • Do they offer the services you need?
  • Is the service local or national?
  • If they are national, do they work in your area?
  1. Check Their Accreditation

The next thing to do is to narrow down the number of companies on your list. One way to do this is to check for accreditation. Reliable companies would typically be a member of one trade association or another.

The body governing removal companies is known as The British Association of Removers. They typically regulate the standards and conducts of removal companies, ensuring that they keep the laws governing practicing in this sector.

So, you can downsize the number of companies on your list by taking off those that aren’t registered under this body.

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  1. Read Reviews

Another way to narrow down your list is to check what past customers of the service have to say about them. You can do this by reading reviews.

We suggest that you use 3rd party comparison sites to do this rather than reading the reviews on the company’s website. This is because the company most likely won’t post negative reviews about itself.

You also need to be careful because there may be some fake reviews.

  1. Find out more about the Delay Policy

Find out what happens if the move gets delayed. Sometimes, some disruptions can happen that would make moving in on the agreed date not possible.

If this happens, would they be able to assist you? If they can’t, will they get you another reliable company for you?

  1. Check Their Vehicles

At this point, you should have just about 2 or 3 companies on your list, so you can find out more about how the actual process will be carried out. One thing to consider in this stage is the vehicle that would be used for the move. Big companies often have different types of vehicles.

Hence, you want to know which are available and whether or not they will be able to do the job conveniently.

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  1. Check Their Quotes

Now, ask for quotes from the companies you have left on your list. The quote should include every aspect of the move as well as how it will be done.

The cheapest cost oftentimes is not the best, as you most likely would be getting a service that will be equivalent to the money you pay. Likewise, the most expensive may not be the best as well. Remember that quality over cost is often the best choice.  So, when using price as a yardstick to settle on a company, ensure you consider the price alongside the service you would be getting. Simply select the company that offers the best services at a fair price.

  1. Find out the Additional Benefits or Services they Offer

Think of other services you need that removal companies often offer as well. Some of these additional services may include:

  • Crane lifting. To carry heavy items like pianos and beds.
  • Protective packing or specialist crate for special items like antiques.
  • Furniture disassembly and assembly.

Note that these additional services may attract an additional fee. But if they are important to you, then you need to get a company that offers them. You can negotiate the cost of these services alongside the removal cost to get a better deal.

  1. Ask About Insurance

Find out the type of insurance you are being offered. Most companies usually have limited liability insurance. What this means is that the coverage you have on your properties is a given value.

You can read this article to learn more about moving insurance coverage. The insurance may also only cover your properties while you are in transit. So, ensure you know the coverage you have and when you have it.


For you to have a smooth transition to your new home, you need to work with a reliable and capable removal company. If the steps and tips provided in this article are followed according, you are more likely to end up with a company that will be perfect for the job.


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