Does Chlorophyll Help You Sleep?


An estimate of about 18 million people suffers from the effects of sleep deprivation in the USA alone. This is a significant number and that is why it is important to get a solution for it. Many chlorophyll enthusiasts have stated that this supplement has impressive benefits. One of the benefits that have gotten our attention is the fact that it helps with sleep improvement. To harness the full chlorophyll benefits, it would be best to check out

There are claims around chlorophyll having an opium-related substance that helps to improve a person’s sleep. And some influencers have even gone further as to add sleep improvement to the many chlorophyll benefits. While there’s still some more research and studies needed to confirm this benefit, the prospects are positive. Now that you know the answer, here are some things that you should know about chlorophyll:

Factors to Consider about Chlorophyll

Taking chlorophyll supplements has become a trend all of sudden on social media. Influencers on TikTok are going all guns blazing making all manner of claims on chlorophyll benefits. Now, here’s what you really need to know before starting out with chlorophyll:

You can take it in Different Forms

There are different forms to take chlorophyll, including tablets, liquid form, and topically. Depending on your preference, you can choose any of them. By far the most popular way to take in chlorophyll is by using it in liquid form. Many even add it to other drinks that they take, such as water or juice. If you can handle the earthy taste, then taking chlorophyll shots can be your mode of usage. There are also ointments that you can use topically for your skin.

According to scientists and medical practitioners alike, taking chlorophyll in its liquid form is better than in tablet form. Liquid supplements are absorbed by the body more easily than their tablet counterparts. That is even why some people take chlorophyll shots to get the result faster and with more potency.

Follow the Right Dosage

Chlorophyll supplements have a dosage that you need to follow. The recommended dosage is 300mg per day. If possible, consult your doctor or nutritionist for further advice on taking these supplements. They might have a different opinion to add, especially when you have some sort of underlying condition. Also, it is generally not advisable for pregnant women to take chlorophyll supplements.

Chlorophyll Benefits like Sleep Improvement Don’t Come Magically


The fact that we have stated chlorophyll is an important part of sleep improvement doesn’t make it a magic bullet. In fact, all of the chlorophyll benefits don’t just come magically by taking in chlorophyll supplements. You still need to implement a good diet, combined with exercise.

A healthy lifestyle is a prerequisite for chlorophyll benefits. Otherwise, you will be shooting blank shots by simply just consuming chlorophyll. Often, you will hear influencers shouting at the top of their voices how chlorophyll has changed their lives. But what they aren’t sharing with you is the day-to-day process of this coming true. You will realize that they also had to use the right diet and add in some exercise sessions. Chlorophyll is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle, but rather a supplement.

There’s no Huge Risk Involved

Taking chlorophyll is generally safe and non-poisonous or non-toxic. And this is something that science has confirmed. Nonetheless, there are a few side effects that may or may not occur when taking chlorophyll.

Generally, some of the side effects that you may experience include nausea and diarrhea. Stomach pains may also occur but on a minimal level. These side effects only last about 24 hours and they are gone. However, in a rare case that they persist past this period, it would help to consult a doctor for further assistance.

Chlorophyll in Plants is not the same as the Supplement


While you may think that eating green leafy veggies is the same as taking a chlorophyll supplement, you are fully mistaken. There’s a sharp contrast between the two, especially in the composition.

Chlorophyll in green leafy veggies mostly has just that – chlorophyll. However, in supplements, it is made up of chlorophyllin and some other minerals and salts. All of these substances make up for the highly soluble nature of chlorophyll in the body.

Only Purchase Chlorophyll from Credible Outlets

There are lots of fakes in the market right now. And you could easily fall prey to dubious business people wanting to dupe clients. That is why it is important to buy chlorophyll supplements only from credible online and offline stores. If you have to, confirm the labels via QR codes or other means to ensure validity.

Final Thoughts

If you’re planning to harness chlorophyll benefits like sleep improvement, then you have to follow the guidelines above. Also, if you can talk to your doctor or nutritionist first, then the better it is for you.


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