How to Remove Stains from Your New Fabric Sofa

New Fabric Sofa

Nothing spells relaxation like lounging on a nice and clean new fabric sofa in your house. 

But what about those occasions where you come and find stains from food on your armchair or guests are leaving quite a mess behind? How do you salvage your seats without paying a handsome fee for it? 

To help ease your stress, let’s see more about some tips and tricks that will tell you all you need to know about removing stains from your fabric couches.  

Do Not Leave the Spill to Fester

The first rule of cleaning any spill is to ensure the spill is attended to immediately! Whether on the floor or on your favourite dress, any kind of spill should be cleaned off as soon as possible to prevent further damage or accidents.

In the case of fabric sofas, the longer a stain stays, the harder it is to remove. Once the spill happens, attend to the stain area immediately. If it needs wiping off or blotting, ensure this has been done in the quickest possible time to avoid it causing permanent damage to your sofa.

Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions

At the side or bottom of every couch, there usually is a mini booklet with instructions from the manufacturer. These instructions cover areas from flammability to washing recommendations. If you are not sure of how to approach your fabric couch cleaning, take a look at the instructions and follow accordingly.

These set of rules can guide you on the type of solvent to use or the best way to clean out the stains on the fabric, avoiding damage or waste of time.

Refer to the Cleaning Codes on Your Fabric Couches

Because of the varied options of fabrics that we have nowadays, sofas are often made from different types of material. Some of these fabrics are sensitive to elements such as fire and some cannot withstand certain chemicals.

When you want to clean up your couch, refer to the cleaning code you were provided with upon purchase:

  • ‘W’ for water based cleaners
  • ‘S’ for solvent detergents
  • ‘S/W’ for both solvents and water based cleaners

These codes will guide you on the most effective cleaning method for your couch and avoid permanent damage such as chemical burns and thinning fabric.

Clean With Baking Soda a New Fabric Sofa

Give that there are many ways to skin a rat, baking soda also goes a long way into treating stained fabric couches. It is used to loosen stains and remove unpleasant odours from seats.

To use baking soda for removing stains, you can either sprinkle the powder or a mixture of equal parts water and baking soda on the couch and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes before vacuuming it off or using a dry cloth to dust it off. This method is highly effective and leaves couches feeling and smelling fresh.

Winding It Up

With so many sofa cleaning tips, it is now easy to take care of your seats and give them some quick maintenance. It is important to always do a test of the cleaning agents on a small sample before using it on the whole chair. 

This will let you know if the chemical is safe to use and save you the heartbreak of destroying your own couch. Try it on the corner of the chair or on the extra fabric you may have and wait to see if it gives you the desired results of a clean sofa seat.


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