6 Ways to Send a Greeting Card Video

video greeting card

Everyone loves receiving cards on special occasions, but what about sending a greeting card video? This is a revolutionary way to celebrate and make the day even more memorable. Read on to find out how…

Why Send a Video Greeting? 

Americans purchase a whopping 6.5 billion greeting cards per year! Sadly, most of these cards get read and (politely) thrown in the trash as a result. 

Video greeting card are the most efficient and eco-friendly way to gift. A greeting card video can be replayed and sent instantly, whilst also adding a sprinkle of magic, too. Not sure how to get started? No sweat, we’ve got you.

1. Birthday Video Greetings 

Perhaps you want to level up your birthday card this year and send a video greetings message instead. Not only is this a great idea, but it’s perfect for those big milestones like a Sweet 16 or 50th birthday. 

To add an extra special touch, get a birthday greeting from a celebrity at Thrillz. This combines as a present as well as the all-important birthday message, which they can replay over and over. All you need to do is send a booking with instructions, and the celebrity of your choice will record it personally. It’s like receiving a signed baseball, but better!

2. Thanksgiving

When fall arrives, it means the holiday season is upon us! If you’re stuck on how to thank your loved ones, then a greeting card video will do the trick. 

You can even use Canva (a graphic design platform) to add some pizzazz to your video, like a festive frame or images, such as a turkey and pumpkin pie.   

3. Seasons Greetings

Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali – you name it – there’s a greetings card for it. But sometimes cards get misdelivered, you miss the last postal service and you forget to send a card to Aunt Jackie on time (again). After all, it’s the busiest season of them all! 

That’s why video greetings and messages are a safer and more reliable option – especially for that last-minute panic. This video is something they can share with friends and family, or on their social media accounts, and it definitely stands out from the sea of endless mail. (Also, there’s zero risk of getting someone the same card with this choice… that’s awkward.)

4. Eid Mubarak Greeting Video 

The Islamic celebration after Ramadan is one of the most significant holy days of the year. So get creative and send a greeting video, where you can adapt the message to include specific prayers and blessings.

5. Congratulations!

It’s hard to keep track of those getting married, getting their driver’s permit, graduating, new job… the list goes on! So if you need an alternative way of sending your best wishes (and adding your own personal flair) then upgrade your paper to video!

Do you want more than one person involved in the video greeting card? Then platforms like VidDay can help you organize and create a group video message to seal the deal.

6. Get Well Soon

When your loved ones are stuck in hospital and visitations are limited, all they want is to see some friendly faces. So instead of a generic “get well soon” card, opt for a greeting card video that they’ll truly appreciate! 

Platforms like Thrillz and Memento are great tools. You can personalize your message, add specific words of encouragement and other media that will make this greetings video stand out.

One last thing…

These are messages that last a lifetime. As we move into a more sustainable and digital world, it’s time to hop on the trends and monopolize them!

Written by Naida Allen




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