How can you find the best package storage and package locker in New York?


Sometimes you find your parcel missing. Let’s face it. Someone swiped it from your doorstep. As per surveys, nearly 26 million parcels are missing in 2017. Here are the steps you can take to get your money back from package theft, track down thieves, or chase pirates on the balcony before they commit cowardice. 

What will you do if the package is missing? 

Report to the police: 

If you suspect you got hit by a pirate on the balcony and something was stolen from your stoop. Call the police and report stolen parcels to the police. Without witnesses, they can’t do much. But they will keep an eye on what happens if other people in your neighborhood report the same issue. They will be more likely to investigate and find package thieves. Filing a police report can be helpful if you are trying to claim missing deliveries. 

Contact sender: 

Most of the time, the missing package is what you ordered. In that case, you want to contact the seller and let them know that your package hasn’t shipped yet. Is the seller responsible for stolen parcels? It all depends on the site where you made your purchase and the site policies. You can immediately check with customer service. Take a picture if you receive a delivery notice. But the parcel is not where it says it has been delivered. Keep your order confirmation number and other details that help the company track your order. You can store the shipping number and information to share with the company to contact the carrier. 

What can you do to prevent package theft? 

Catch them on video: 

If you have a doorbell or outdoor security camera, Use it for your benefit. You can watch the video if the expected package is not found. You can check if the carrier dropped the package or if someone walked away. You can report the theft to your local police department if you spot theft. Or, if you can prove that no one came to your door, the carrier (if you are the shipper) or the shipper (if you are the recipient) will be forced to refund you. 

Get proof of the package theft by installing a camera on your porch. Smart doorbells and home security cameras come in a wide variety today. Some people send instant notifications through the app, and some even record footage. 

Look at the situation: 

The balcony pirates like to hide in the shadows. You can add a movement trigger to your balcony to send thieves in a hurry to flee. You can also find moving light kits and security cameras. That way, you have deterrents and a way to catch offenders in action. 

What are the ways to avoid package theft? 

Schedule a delivery with a shipping company:

It can be challenging to tell when your parcel will show up, making it difficult to stay at home to pick it up. You can also set up notifications with a delivery service that will let you know exactly when your package will arrive and schedule a new or scheduled pickup. The notifications are free, but sometimes rescheduling a package will cost you a fee. Sign up for notifications from the online shipping options. 

Added shipping instructions to prevent parcels in front of the house: 

In some cases, you can add additional shipping instructions to your order. You can ask them to leave items in the side door where they won’t be easily spotted. You can look for options “Shipping instructions” when you enter shipping information, then add any details that can help keep your parcels safe. 

View deliveries and package theft with a video doorbell: 

The video doorbells can’t stop package theft, but they can also act as a deterrent. When the delivery man rings the bell, you can talk to them and advise them to leave the parcel. And just like a security camera, the video doorbell is motion-activated. And it will capture video of anyone who approaches your front door. If the people steal your package, you will also have videos of thieves to hand over to the police. 

Getting a video doorbell is an upfront cost and must be installed after your camera is set up, A subscription may be required for cloud recording. You can think of a video doorbell as an investment in a home security system rather than a simple parcel tracker. 

Choose another delivery location: 

The easiest way to prevent package theft is to never leave the parcel on the balcony in the first place. Shipping to another location where someone is available upon delivery is a safe and often free way to avoid package theft. Consider sending a parcel to: 

  • A local relative or a trusted neighbor will pick you up at home upon arrival. 
  • You can also reroute the packages to another address. 
  • Your office that there may always be someone waiting to receive P.O. Boxes or UPS mailboxes, but keep in mind these are monthly rent and not all P.O. boxes will accept parcels – find out before renting. 

Self-intercept package: 

One way to ensure parcels are not missing is a manual interception. It is recommended that residents stay home during the specified periods. If not possible, they can deliver packages to a family member’s work or home. However, if you own a multi-family apartment, this solution can make residents feel like they need to care for themselves. 

Smart Lockers: One of the most comprehensive solutions to prevent package theft is to install smart lockers. Smart lockers will keep parcels safe until your residents are ready to pick them up. The carrier puts the parcel in the locker. A notification will then be sent to the resident’s phone. They can rest easy knowing their packaging is safe. This is because most package thefts occur when residents are away from home. The smart locker thus eliminates any weak points. According to a study, 71% of people felt comfortable sending parcels to a secure locker rather than being at the doorstep.


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