Treats you can buy for your Chinchilla

buy for your Chinchilla

Chinchillas have their specific dietary requirements and the bulk of their diet should include the essentials such as Timothy Hay. Which means, treats make up a small portion of their nutritional intake. However, this does not mean you should pay less attention to the treats you give your chinchillas! It is crucial to find out what type of treat is best for your pet Chinchilla. When fed in moderation, treats can be a great addition to their diet. Let’s find out what type of treats there are!

Types of Healthy Treats for Chinchillas

Baked Goods

Baked with natural ingredients, baked goods offer the right amount of nutrition for your pet Chinchilla. 

Oxbow Simple Rewards Veggie Treat For Small Pets 3oz

This delicious, oven baked blend of vegetables and greens is perfect for chinchillas that love their veggies. It has a balanced protein to fiber ratio which makes it a nutritious addition to your pet’s diet. 

Oxbow Organic Barley Biscuits For Small Pets 75g

This barley biscuits closely resembles what your chinchilla would find in nature. Packed with ingredients such as organic hay, fruits and vegetables, your chinchilla will surely enjoy these morsels of deliciousness!  

Flowers and herbs

Flowers and herbs add to your Chinchilla’s natural diet and meet their dietary requirements. 

Burgess Excel Meadow Munchies for Small Pets 1kg

Made from a tasty blend of dried meadow grasses and flowers, along with specially selected, dust extracted hay, this treat supports your Chinchilla’s dental and digestive health! 

Bunny Nature Hibiscus Blossoms & Parsley Small Pet Treats 150g

This treat only contains natural ingredients such as stinging nettle leaves, dandelion leaves, parsley and hibiscus blossoms. It would make a delicious and fresh addition to your chinchilla’s diet due to the variety of ingredients. 


Fruities are a mixture of fruits served as a treat for Chinchillas. They are made to provide your Chinchillas with nutrients, enrichment and make an ideal reward. 

Jolly Pet Dried Banana

Rich in folic acid with no added sugar, the Jolly pet dried banana treat is a healthy and natural treat for your Chinchilla!

Mini Animan Tropical Fruits Papaya 100g For Small Pets 

Papayas can be a good treat for your chinchilla when fed occasionally. Just think of it as ice-cream but for your pet! Delicious to have in moderation! 

Biscuits and mixes

Biscuits and mixes contain brightly colored processed pieces and a wide variety of whole ingredients.

Vitakraft Donuts Carrots Small Pet Treats 28g

Not only humans can enjoy donuts, now your pet can enjoy a donut too! Made without any preservatives and artificial flavourings, the Vitakraft donut is enriched with vitamins to support your Chinchilla’s health. 

Marukan Granola Cereal Mix For Small Pets 180g 

This grain snack will provide dietary fiber support for your pets as it is enriched with premium mix granolas. Provide a change of taste for your pets and let them nibble on these treats! 

Jelly and puree

Jelly and Puree treats get your Chinchilla’s attention and make it easier for them to consume!

Marukan Apple Flavour Puree For Small Pet

The Marukan apple puree contains no preservatives and makes your Chinchilla’s coat look shiny with polyphenols!

Marukan Minimal Supli Jelly Vitamin & Tropical Fruit Flavour For Small Pets

Provide a change of texture for your Chinchilla with this jelly. Containing good quality honey, this is great to replenish the hydration of your pets and also improve the appetite of your beloved creatures!  


Feeding crawlies to your Chinchillas help meet their natural dietary needs in their natural habitat!

Little One Mealworms Treats 70g for Small Pets

This treat provides your Chinchilla with the animal protein it needs and boosts its health!

You can find more nutritious, delicious treats for your pet Chinchilla here!


Every Chinchilla treat comes with different benefits. To decide on which treat is best for your pet, it’s you to try out and find out what your Chinchilla likes. Provide a change in taste, texture and smell for your Chinchilla with the different treats! 


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