How to Plan the Best Home Welcome Party

Home Welcome Party
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Whether your family friend or loved one is due to return home from the Peace Corps, a faraway college, military, a study abroad program, or wherever else, a home welcome party is the best way to express the measure of how much you missed them.

Everyone deserves to feel appreciated when they come back from distant travels because it’s possible for a home to feel strange at first, a warm welcome will ease the discomfort at once.

The ideas mentioned below will help you pull off the best home welcome party for your loved ones and make them feel at home in no time.

Order food from their most loved local restaurant

When people are away for a long time, they usually miss their most loved dishes. So a good idea is to serve the person’s most loved food from a local restaurant. Alternatively, if your loved prefers something home-cooked. Then make their favorite homemade servings.

Food can stir up memories. So at times feeding your loved one with something homemade can make them feel at home very quickly since it’s something they are familiar with. This would be particularly relevant if they didn’t have access to a specific food item while they were away, or if their circumstance forced them to eat the same kind of food repeatedly.

Dish out a special cake
Cakes are not only convenient for birthdays and weddings. A cake embellished with the words “Welcome Home” is certainly a must-have. You can also be a little more creative and serve a cookie cake, pie, cupcakes with single letters, or an ice cream cake. Essentially, if you are looking for novato ca homes for sale this can be a beautiful gesture to welcome your close friends and extended family once you make a purchase.

Extend a warm invitation
Planing everything well ahead of time will increase the opportunity for everyone they love and know to attend. Sending out invitations at least a few months before the party date will work best. You can even send heartwarming follow-up messages to those who don’t RSVP.

Making them aware just how much their presence at the party will be appreciated by the guest of honor. It may appear obvious, but this certainly is the most pressing idea of all these welcome home party ideas.

Book a special venue to host the party
Hosting all your welcome home parties in your home makes sense, however, it’s not always practical. If you invite all the people you love and know, you may require a bigger party space than your living room.

A good idea is to book a venue that represents your loved ones’ favorite place such as a bar, cafe, mansion, loft, theatre, creative studio, somewhere outdoors, yoga studio, art gallery, or even a library.

Make sure you ask all attendees to dress up
A welcome home party is not something to take lightly, so it’s important to ask everyone to dress up for the event.
Make sure to mention a dress code instruction so that all attendees get the memo. If you happen to have pets, think about placing sweaters or bow ties on them also. And if you think your loved one will appreciate it, turn the occasion into a costume party. This can be fun because you will leave it to the guest’s interpretation or you can guide their costume decisions with a theme.

Welcome your guests with the best playlist
Just like food, music can link us to memories. So if you consolidate the best playlist, you will be able to create a more inviting ambiance. Make your guests and special guest feel right at home again. You can even go the extra mile and hire a musician or band to make the event more memorable.
Ask their closest friends for a song, genre, and band idea they enjoy the most. Or go down memory lane and think about the music they grew up dancing to and play those tracks to stir up good memories.
Decorate elaborately
Honestly, a template does not exist for decorating a home welcome party. But in essence, don’t leave out the “welcome home” banner. Fill the party space with balloons in their most loved colors, photos, and flowers.

To make the decorating process easier, pick a theme!
For instance, if your loved is due to return from abroad, create a theme about the country they come from. Alternatively, you can go for a patriotic theme if your loved one is returning from the military.

If all these suggestions for themes are too hard, choose a color combination or a movie they really love and go with it.

Make the welcome party a surprise
A welcome home celebration is one of the best occasions to turn to a surprise party. Compared to a birthday party, a guest of honor won’t suspect or anticipate anything.

To ensure all this goes well as planned, stick to these guidelines. Ensure you hide everything. Delete any internet browsers because that can leave clues and ultimately reveal the secret. Make sure your guests and “planning committee” have vowed to keep it a secret. Have one of them distract them as you set up and make sure you come with an alibi just in case they suspect something.

A surprise welcome home party idea demands meticulous effort and coordination. But if everyone involved in the planning process keeps their mouths closed, the party can be a definite surprise.

Make this a day to remember by making your loved ones come back home to something special like a welcome home party populated with their favorite people, pets, music, food, and all the things they love.

Creating a personalized celebration shows you really care deeply for your loved one/s. And the welcome home party ideas mentioned in this article will certainly assist you in creating the most unforgettable party, for the special people in your life, creating explosive moments, with outbursts and laughter and beautiful memories to last a lifetime.


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