Top 5 Exercises for Kids


Children are active and curious by nature and they need plenty of physical exercise to stay happy and healthy. It helps them develop their agility, strength, and stamina, and promotes the growth of bones and muscles. In addition, being physically active also engages the mind, so it also stimulates brain development. 

Give your child an excellent start in life by introducing them to a variety of exercises early on. They’ll have fun moving around while also acquiring important life skills. But what’s the best type of workout for kids? Keep reading to find out what types of exercises are the most effective for children.

What are the best exercises for children?

While you shouldn’t worry too much about your child hitting any particular workout goals, physical activity should be a normal part of their daily routine. Playing their favorite children’s games at the playground is usually enough for them to meet the basic recommendations. Here’s what activities it’s best to target.

1. Jumping

It’s super fun, energizing, and kids love it! But the benefits of jumping don’t stop there. The team at Uptown Jungle fun park in Henderson suggests at least a bit of jumping on a daily basis. It’s great balance, agility, strength, and coordination practice because it engages multiple muscle groups. Children can start doing it when they’re about 18 months old. 

There are many ways to make it a part of their routine, like doing animal jumps, taking part in relay races, and skipping rope. Visiting a trampoline park that’s equipped with safe, modern, and age-appropriate equipment is also a fantastic way to encourage jumping. 

2. Running

Running maintains a healthy heart and vascular system while also building muscles and improving bone growth. In addition, it can help kids burn off energy, sleep better, and be more focused on schoolwork. Kids start doing it as soon as they master walking.

Children typically find great joy in moving fast but running laps may bore them. Instead, play games that will encourage them to run. There are many ways to activate this fundamental skill. For example, they can go on a scavenger hunt or play tag, cops and robbers, relay games, or capture the flag. 

3. Skipping

Skipping is a complex movement that requires balance and careful control of different parts of the body, which is what makes it such a useful workout for kids. It helps them get a better grasp of how to position their bodies, which is an invaluable skill for their future. 

There are many ways to introduce more skipping into your child’s life. Apart from playing hopscotch or elastics, which are timeless classics, there are other alternatives. For example, you can use the traditional running games, like tag, and instruct the kids to skip instead of running. They can also race their friends skipping. 

4. Squatting

Squats are a part of most adult workout routines, and they’re also great exercise for kids. Teach them how to squat properly and it’ll strengthen their stability and endurance. Many muscles are involved in this seemingly simple exercise, including quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, etc. 

Toddlers can be encouraged to squat if they need to play with toys on the floor or pick them up. Older children will already be more proficient at it and will be able to do more challenging squatting exercises.

5. Walking on all fours

Doing bear crawls or crab walks are great ways to engage different muscle groups, such as triceps, hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, shoulders, and abdominal muscles. To get them to exercise this way, you can tell a story together and they can pretend to be different animals as a part of the story.


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