Tips for Making Your Home Cozier This Winter


Winter is the perfect time to retreat into your home and hide until spring — as long as your home feels warm and cozy, that is. Fortunately, creating a cozier living space doesn’t require any significant upgrades or renovations. You can make your home feel warm and snug with a few simple maintenance tips and decor elements.

Here are some fun tips for making your home feel cozier this winter.

Schedule a Heating System Tune-Up

While it may seem like a boring task, scheduling a tune-up for your heating system is one of the easiest ways to make your home feel cozy. 

During a heating tune-up, the technician will check the system components to ensure everything is working properly, then clean, service, and lubricate the various connectors. Not only does this ensure the temperature your thermostat is reporting is accurate, but it also helps cut down on home heating costs and energy consumption (source: 

Ensuring your heating system is fully operational and running efficiently is the crucial first step in making your home feel cozy all winter long.

Lay Down Some Throw Rugs

While shag carpets may have been an eyesore in the past, they were a great form of insulation. As most modern homes now have hardwood, laminate, and other uncarpeted floor materials, using throw rugs in the winter can make a significant impact on your perception of warmth. 

Grab a few affordable throw rugs for the main lounging areas in your home. Adding a rug under your bed or where you step out in the morning can ease the transition into the day. They’re also incredibly helpful in rooms where you can feel cold coming up from the basement or crawlspace below. In addition to feeling warmer, the insulation will help keep your heat contained in your home.

Create Candle Displays

Lighting candles doesn’t really improve the heating situation in your home. A single candle gives off only about 80 watts of heat. Compare that to a space heater, which gives off around 1500 watts. So if you wanted to heat a room with candles, you’d need at least 18 to 20 candles, which isn’t safe or efficient. 

However, your goal isn’t to create heat; it’s about the perception of warmth. Lighting candles creates warm, atmospheric lighting that will make your home feel cozier. Curling up with candles and a cup of tea as the snow falls outside is the epitome of Hygge. If you go this route, practice proper safety protocols when introducing open flame to your home or opt for some of the realistic LED candles on the market today.

Add More Textile Options

Using varying textiles for decor creates dimension in your interior design scheme. Choosing the right textiles can create a sense of luxury and warmth. 

Decorate your beds and sitting areas with extra pillows and blankets. Use warm textures like cashmere, arctic fleece and faux fur. Remember that body heat starts with the feet. Put together a small box of reading socks and slippers that guests can use when they come to visit. 

Buy a Pajama Warmer

A pajama warmer might seem like a luxurious expense, but it’s really no different than a heating pad. These simple devices are typically less than $100 and can be used for towels, socks, mittens and sweaters.

Imagine stepping in from the cold after a long day at work and tossing your towel in the heater while you prep the shower. After your shower, put in your pajamas, so they’re nice and toasty for bedtime. Welcome to the coziest winter of your life.

Block Your Drafts

Even the newest homes are susceptible to drafts. Find and block the main offenders using door cozies, magnetic screens, or extra insulation as needed. If you can block off entry areas so the cold doesn’t emanate throughout the house when you come inside, it will make a significant difference.

Making your home feel cozy requires a combination of maintenance tasks and strategic decor. With these easy tasks and upgrades, you can keep your home snug and warm all winter long.


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