How Long Is Salmon Good for in the Fridge?

how long is salmon good for in the fridge

Let us admit that we all need culinary expertise because it is a survival skill. Having answers to questions like how long is salmon good for in the fridge is necessary to ensure we eat healthy and fresh. So, in this article, we will discuss all things related to salmon to make sure you store it the right way!

We all know that salmon is enriched with enough protein. Omega 3 fatty acids are also one of the key features it possesses. Salmon is too good when you taste it. Well, doesn’t that make sushi more palatable?

salmon sushi

Salmon is not cheap, if that’s what you are wondering. So you have to be extra careful that none of it goes to waste.

So right now, what you need the most is some guidance. Well, lucky for you, this article about how long is salmon good for in the fridge is enough to tell you what to do about this fish.

Read below to know how long is cooked salmon good for in the fridge!

Salmon specifications

Before jumping into the ultimate answer to how long is salmon good for in the fridge, you must know how to choose the perfect salmon.

You need to purchase good-quality salmon from the market or when you shop groceries online. Here we will tell you what signs to look for to buy the fresh ones are.

They say that not everything is as it seems. But when it comes to salmon, no one can say that. If a salmon doesn’t look great to you, you should not go for it.

When we say fresh salmon, the first aspect must reflect through the pink color. However, it can be dark pink or light; if there is no gray spot, that’s okay.

But the most important thing is that you need to trust your gut here because if you feel the salmon is not good, perhaps you are right.

how long is salmon good for in the fridge

Types of salmon

There are two different types of salmon which are quite easy to obtain. The first one is sockeye salmon, and the second one is Chinook salmon. Both are pink in color.

One good way to choose the best salmon is to sniff them well. If the smell seems fresh, it is good. But you have to sniff them so well that you can comprehend the tiniest sense of smell.

Salmon price

As we told you earlier, salmon are anything but cheap. So if you are ready to spend a good amount of dollars, salmon are yours.

They come in ounces and pounds. You would need six to 12 dollars to get six ounces of wild salmon. For organic salmon, the price is slightly less, six to eight dollars per one.

But smoked salmon is expensive. So if you want to get them, you might want to double the price.

Organic salmons and the wild salmons

Organic salmon are the ones produced on farms and are also known as Atlantic salmon. But they are originally produced in British Columbia, Chile, or Norway. They are usually confined in a particular surrounding and special source of sustenance.

Wild salmon is caught exactly from where they belong in the Pacific Ocean. The shores in Washington, Alaska, Oregon, California are the places where the salmon is available.

These wild salmon are slightly more expensive because the stocks are not infinite.

The low in cost salmons

If you want to try the low-cost salmons, Atlantic salmons are worth trying. They are organic and don’t cost that much money.

What if you only want the wild salmon? Purchase them within May and July. You will find the freshest ones and probably less cheap than other months.

Going for the frozen salmon would be best for you when looking to buy all year round. Since several brands sell them, you can always distinguish the price and choose cheaper ones.

Frozen Salmon

The frozen salmon is generally packed with perfection and airtight. There’s no way you could tell that they are fresh or not. So you have to wait until you open them and see what’s inside.

The moment you open the package, you should look for ice crystals. In case you see any ice crystal, it means those salmons are not perfect. Another interesting factor is to search for any freezer burn.

If there is any, some areas could be arid, and the complexion would also be different.

Whenever you purchase raw salmon, it is necessary to refrigerate them as soon as possible. That’s because if you keep them outside for longer than two hours, they will go bad.

How long is salmon good for in the fridge?

When it comes to refrigerating raw salmon, they won’t last forever. Two days are more than enough to store them. Like the rest of the seafood, salmon are harder to store.

Frozen salmon is best when you decompose it and prepare it within a day. No matter what you do, do not store them in the fridge for a long time. If you do, the quality will degrade quickly.

How long is cooked salmon good for in the fridge?

Salmon is that kind of food that can be cooked in several different ways and still taste good. Salmon is pretty easy to cook as well as it takes a little time to prepare. But the question is, how long is cooked salmon good for?

USDA says three to four days are enough to store them in the fridge. Cooked salmon can be stored for seven days. Of course, the flavor won’t be the same.

If you store the remaining salmon for more than one week, make sure they don’t catch Listeria monocytogenes, a bacteria usually formed in the fridge. When this happens, the salmon are no longer safe.

Already cooked salmon should be kept in such a basket so that air doesn’t pass through. Try to note down the date when you made the recipe. It would be easier that way.

But now the big question is, how can you make them last longer? So here we are about to tell you the ways you can keep them for long.

You have to understand that it is not about how you preserve them; it is about cooking them.

One of the easiest ways to preserve them is to sprinkle the salmon with salt. This would not only preserve it for long, but it would also enhance the overall taste.

Experts say that if you keep the fish on a platter after sprinkling with salt. When you do that, the extra dampness successfully gets eliminated, and the aroma gets better than before. Next, you can dispose of the salt and let the salmon get dry.

How to store fresh salmon in the refrigerator?

When the salmon is completely decomposed, please keep them in the refrigerator. Please bring them to your kitchen exactly when it is time to make a recipe.

Put the salmon pieces into a plastic wrapper so that the air can pass through. One easy way to draw out all the air is to take a big vessel full of water. Next, put the packaged salmon into that water nice and easy.

Repeat the whole process a few times and then put it into the refrigerator after sealing the bag.

How long is salmon good in the fridge for?

None can answer this question within a few words. That’s because the whole thing is quite complicated. The standard of the salmon and how fresh it is plays a major role.

Generally, when you buy some raw salmon from the stores, you can keep them only for two or three days.

The raw salmon usually are sent away so that they can come back completely processed. Approximately 20 to 30 days are needed to get into the markets.

This article is about how long is salmon good for the fridge. But that’s not all. There are other questions which come in along, and it’s our job to inform you about them.

Let us see what else is on the menu in the article about how long is salmon good for in the fridge.

slicing salmon

How long does salmon take to cook?

Now you have some idea about this after reading this article so far. But another important question is how long does salmon take to cook and how to cook them?

In this article about how long salmon is good for in the fridge, we have gathered some information about salmon recipes. Take a look at it before going into the kitchen.

You know that salmon is a comfort food which goes well with almost every occasion. Be it a romantic dinner or a family dinner, or a casual get-together, you don’t have to worry about the menu now that salmon is here. The most popular and simple way to prepare it is to bake it well.

Try this recipe right now, and thank us later.

You need to set the temperature to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, and at this temperature, the salmon would be baked nice and easy. But first, you need to slice them fine so that they bake easily.

Give each slice at least 4 to 6 minutes tops to bake well, and the fat slices might take about 8 minutes to cook.

You don’t need any extra arrangements before cooking. Very few ingredients are needed here!

Just graze some olive oil on the salmon slices. Season them with black pepper powder and some salt. Place them on a baking plate and put them into the microwave.

So you saw that salmon takes very little time to cook without compromising the taste. It tastes even better if you put some lemon juice on the freshly baked salmon. Of course, you can add some Italian gremolata or pesto if you are a fan of Italian dishes.

Can frozen salmon go bad

If you put frozen salmon in the deep fridge, it will remain intact for some time. But after some time, the standard falls rapidly. So before you cook it, you have to be sure that it is completely harmless.

So can frozen salmon go bad for real? The answer is absolutely yes; it would go bad if you keep them for a long time.

All kinds of fish or seafood have several deadlines before going bad. When it comes to salmon, the period is two to three months. To preserve them for a long time, the trapped air should be eliminated.

How do you know that the frozen salmon is already spoiled?

Check if there is any spot in the fish. This could indicate that the fish has gone dry. In case you notice that not the entire slice but only some part of it has gone bad. So you can trim those particular parts and cook them afterward.

When you lift the salmon with your hands and feel the weight is lower than earlier, this could be a factor. It means that the dampness has turned into vapor. We are not telling you not to cook, but it could be stiff after cooking.

Bacteria don’t form in the deep fridge. If you do not freeze the salmon properly and immediately, there’s a good chance of bacterial growth. Don’t cook that fish that already has bacterial growth in it.

The decomposing process of frozen salmon

The slim slices of frozen salmon are easy to prepare by removing them from the refrigerator. If you spend enough time decomposing it first, then there’s a good possibility of bacterial growth.

A safe process of decomposing the frozen salmon is defrosting it throughout the night, and this way, the fish, would already be at a moderate temperature. Then the rest of the journey would get quite easy.

Final thoughts

Here’s hoping that this article about how long is salmon good for in the fridge has been upto your expectations. If you want to add something, just let us know.


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