How to Clean Birkenstock Sandals at Home?

How to clean birkenstock

Birkenstock shoes are a type of sandals that keep your feet comfortable all the time. They might not be the most fashionable footwear you own, but something you rely on for a long day. Here, we will tell you how to clean Birkenstock sandals so that you can maintain the product well.

Birkenstock shoes are timeless. They never go out of style! You will always want to have a pair of these. These shoes offer extra comfort that other sandals won’t provide you. They are good to maintain the overall structure of your feet. Not just that, Birkenstocks have various types like black, brown, satin, or gold.

You can wear these on every kind of occasion. You don’t need to worry about their versatility. Be it jeans or a suit or a dress; you can team them up with every outfit.

Birkenstocks are not like any other shoe. They need cleaning daily. In case you want to have Birkenstocks, you also need to think about the maintenance.

How to clean birkenstock

How to clean Birkenstock?

Read below and get to know some amazing tricks about how to clean Birkenstock:


You don’t need any intricate detail about how to clean Birkenstock. You would be able to do it just by learning some simple techniques. It is best to clean the shoes every week.

This process helps remove all the impurities formed by you walking around mud or grass. Just take a wet cloth and remove the dirt from the shoe. We advise you to do the cleaning at night to find it dry and new in the morning.

Try baking soda

In case your Birkenstocks get extra dirty, you need some cleaning ingredients for the thorough dirt removal. This job is pretty easy, and you don’t need to give any extra effort to it. Just mix baking soda with water and start the cleaning.

When looking for how to clean Birkenstock footbed, this is the right way to go about it. Rub the mix slowly and nicely on the footbed. Make sure your hand goes into circles. Remove dirt with water after you are done.

You will see the difference when they get dry.

Avoid the heat

The most important thing about Birkenstocks is that no matter what you do with them, don’t leave them in the sun.

If you leave them in the open under the sun, the quality will start to decline soon. So whenever you clean your precious Birkenstocks, could you keep them in a cool and dry place?

Cornstarch could be useful

If there is any oil blemish on the Birkenstocks, you can try using cornstarch. Just smear a little amount of cornstarch on the affected area and wait for two or three hours. Cornstarch will suck the oil from the shoe, and later you can shake the powder off.

Repeat this same process if necessary.

Vinegar is also useful

Sometimes a blemish is quite firm, and you have to give some extra effort to remove them. You can try vinegar which can be smeared on the affected area with fabric, and graze it slowly. Damp the cloth, but do not allow it to get too wet.

Be extra careful with suede Birkenstocks

In case your precious Birkenstocks are not just any Birkenstock, they are made of suede leather. Take extra care of it. Before cleaning them, don’t forget to check that they are completely dried out or not. Because if they are, you are only going to spoil them even more than they already are.

How to clean Birkenstock leather straps?

The manufacturing process of Birkenstocks require cork and leather. Thus, the output requires maintenance to retain both comfort and shine. Let us find out how to clean Birkenstock leather straps to enhance the durability of the product. The process of cleaning takes little time and once done, you ought to let it dry overnight.

Things you need to clean Birkenstock footbed

The first step to take is organizing the material you require for the process of cleaning. Here is the list of things you need:

  • Tap water
  • Toothbrush
  • Baking soda
  • One cup
  • One spoon
  • Loincloth

Process to clean Birkenstock footbed

  • Soak the cloth and start remove dust on the footbed
  • Use circular motions to slowly clean off dirt from the straps
  • Prepare the mixture for thorough cleansing by creating a mixture of baking soda and water
  • Beat the mixture till it produces a thick consistency similar to starch
  • Take a used toothbrush and dip the brushing portion on the mixture
  • Now apply it over the footbed
  • The color of the mix will change to confirm dirt coming out
  • Once the entire footbed is clean move to the leather straps

Things you need to clean Birkenstock leather straps

To make your shoes look bright and shiny, you need to go an extra mile to clean your footwear. Here we will discuss how you can make Birkenstocks look as good as new!

The above list will help you clean Birkenstock straps, and the one below will help polish the strap:

  • Leather cleaner
  • One cup
  • Tap water
  • Cleaning fabric
  • Spoon

Process to clean Birkenstock leather straps

To use a leather cleaner for the shoe straps you should check the strength of the chemical. Most leather cleaners come with strong chemicals that might be harsh on shoe straps. Thus, the first process will need you to dilute the leather cleaner with water.

  • Take one portion of leather cleaner with one portion of water
  • Grease the straps of your shoes with a cleaning fabric as you use the mix
  • Coat the straps completely and make sure it does not drip with liquid
  • Keep the shoes in a safe place to dry and away from sunlight

These two steps will help you attain a fresh look for your Birkenstocks. If you step out wearing these shoes the following day, it will look as good as new!

How to clean birkenstock

How to use Birkenstock cleaning kit?

In this article, we are talking about how to clean Birkenstocks. Till now, this article was all about cleaning Birkenstocks using different types of materials. But there is another way to clean them up properly. Here we will inform you about how to clean Birkenstock with kit.

There are kits used for cleansing the Birkenstocks, and they are available in the market. They make sure that your Birkenstocks don’t lie around looking dirty and messed up. You can give them a new look instantly.

You will find a brush, cleaner, cork sealer, water repellent spray, and a refresher spray inside the kit. Below we will discuss how they all work.

First, let’s see what the cork sealer does. When you have used your Birkenstocks several times, let’s say 15 times or more, you need to protect them from cracking. This cork sealer maintains the durability of your Birkenstocks.

Your feet generate oil, and that’s a natural process. But this oil could damage the footbed and make it gloomy. That’s when you know that something has gone wrong.

How to clean

Take the brush, the cleaner, and the spray. Apply the spray on the footbed of your Birkenstock and brush away the oils.

The last item in this particular kit is the water repellent spray. This is important to save the Birkenstocks from any impurities and also water.

But here, you need to remove the dust first before you get into the cleansing process. You can repeat the whole process after two or three months. This will keep the Birkenstocks safe.

How to clean Birkenstocks with baking soda?

If you prefer using the Birkenstocks more than any other sandal, you have to cleanse them regularly. That’s because a bad odor generates from the uncleaned Birkenstocks, and you do not want that. So what you need is to know all the basic details about how to clean Birkenstock.

Earlier in this article, we talked about this. We told you different techniques and taught you some tricks too. One of them was how to clean Birkenstocks with baking soda.

In this particular section, we will discuss the details about it. Pay attention and become an expert in no time.

You need to gather some materials like water, baking soda, a brush, a spoon and a pair of gloves.

The method

Take a medium-sized vessel and add some baking soda into it. Put some water to make a dense mixture out of it. Balance the water and the soda equation so that it doesn’t become too thick or too light.

Here’s a choice for you. You can apply this mixture with your own hands, or you can take a spoon. But if you decide to apply it with your hands, make sure to wear a pair of gloves.

Then apply the mixture with your fingers or a spoon. Pick up the brush to scatter the mix on the whole footbed of the shoe. Take a damp fabric to remove the mixture from the footbed afterward.

Do the same to the other one also.

Keep the Birkenstocks in a cold and dark place after they are completely cleaned. Let them get completely dry for the next 24 hours.

In case you don’t have baking soda, you may apply borax. Just follow the details we told you above and replace the baking soda with borax.

How to clean birkenstock

How to clean suede Birkenstock clogs?

In 1774 Birkenstocks came into markets, and since then, it has been on everyone’s favorite list of shoes. The evolution of Birkenstocks is a thing to notice. In the present day, they have several types of versatility and grace.

When you first use it, you might feel uncomfortable for some time. But this uneasiness will go away after a while as your feet get used to it. The more time passes, it becomes necessary to take the proper care. In this section, we will discuss how to clean suede Birkenstock clogs.

You have to gather essentials like a handy vessel, a fabric, a suede brush, an eraser, an expired credit card, and a brush. Then collect some cornstarch, petroleum jelly, laundry stain remover, leather conditioner, liquid dishwasher, paper towels, glass cleaner, and cork sealer.

Remove the mud if any

Wipe away any dirt and impurities after every time you wear the shoes. Then brush away with the suede brush.

Graze away the adhesive marks

If your suede Birkenstock somehow becomes muddy or any other kinds of marks, dry them with absorbent material. But never graze them. If you try to remove it forcefully, the marks will leave a profound effect.

Soak the oil blemishes

If there are oil blemishes, use cornstarch to soak up the oil.

Clean up the gums

If you step off a gum or something like that, don’t use a glue remover instantly. Use ice cubes to tap on the gum to remove it gently. If this doesn’t work, then try a glue remover.

That’s all for today’s article. Please send us your valuable feedback.


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