Coffee Brewing Methods: 5 Ways to Brew Delicious Tasting Coffee

Coffee Brewing Methods

With a simple search online or a visit to your local kitchen goods store, you will find more coffee-making machines than you can imagine. From the French press to an AeroPress and more, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Ideally, you want the best tasting cup of coffee possible. But first, you need to know which brewing method is right for you. In this blog, you will know Coffee Brewing Methods: 5 Ways to Brew Delicious Tasting Coffee.

1. Drip Machine

Drip machines are what your parents think of when you talk about coffee makers. They are known for their simplicity. With a drip machine, all you have to do is set it and forget about it. Talk about easy! 

A drip machine’s function is to first heat water and then push the hot water through the coffee grounds. And, of course, after all that, a coffee maker also keeps your coffee hot.

Unfortunately, for some, a drip machine may not be enough to satisfy their palette. If we’re being honest, the coffee flavor that comes from a drip coffee machine isn’t that great. 

While drip machines are easy to use, the flavor results leave much to be desired. With drip coffee, you will get coffee that lacks a lot of the rich taste and aromas than other coffee machines provide. The taste is watered down and not nearly as tasty as it could be with, let’s say, a French press. Speaking of the French press, let’s learn about this brewing method next.

2. French Press

A French press is one of the easiest, most efficient ways to make a cup or two of delicious coffee. When using a French press, you get a robust coffee flavor. Why is that? The coffee is rich because the grounds steep in the water instead of getting filtered.

The coffee your French press produces is robust, rich, and tasty. With a French press, you have complete control over the length of time the coffee brews in the water. This means you get to dictate your coffee’s strength and taste.

Keep in mind that the color of French press coffee will be darker and richer than you’ll see with drip coffee. As a result, the taste will also be bolder. 

3. Pour-Over

Do you want to learn about the pour-over brewing method

Using a pour-over coffee maker is relatively easy. First, place a paper filter in your pour-over. Then, use a little bit of hot water to get the filter wet. The hot water will also help get rid of the paper taste from the filter. 

Next, add finely ground coffee to the filter. Pour a small amount of hot water over the grounds and let them sit for a little while. Allowing them to sit unlocks the flavor. 

After letting them sit, it’s time to stir the grounds, then add some more water. Repeat this process many times until your cup is full.

The pour-over method is great if you enjoy coffee blending and want to find a few favorite coffee blends. If you love to experiment, then a pour-over is perfect for you.

To make something new, try taking one coffee blend and adding some from another one to enhance the flavor. You will be able to identify subtleties in your pour-over coffee that you can’t taste from a drip machine. And those subtleties are what make your coffee rich and flavorful. 

There’s no doubt that this method will leave you with a rich and robust coffee that will impress everyone.

4. Capsule Machines

A capsule coffee machine is otherwise known as a machine like a Keurig. Capsule machines are convenient and represent the future of coffee. 

They’re easy to operate, too. With just a click of a lever and a K-Cup pod, you can create any flavor of coffee you can want.

Many people would say capsule machines make some of the worst coffee. Also, there is the expense of buying the pods. 

When people make their coffee with a capsule machine, it may lack the depth of flavor they’re looking for. And, some complain that it has a synthetic taste and feel to it as well. To escape that, you may want to use a French press or AeroPress instead. 

5. AeroPress

With an AeroPress machine, you can only make one cup of coffee at a time. But trust us – this cup of coffee will taste sensational. 

A quick overview of making coffee with an AeroPress is that you use water to wet the filter and heat the mug. Next, you put grounded coffee in the brew chamber, add more water, stir, and then let it sit in there for around 45 seconds. After that point, you push down the plunger, and you’ll have fine-tasting coffee! 

Since brewing with an AeroPress happens so fast, the beans maintain their taste. Many say that an AeroPress gives them an ideally smooth and dark cup of coffee with little to no bitterness. 

The only downside with using an AeroPress is that it requires specialized filters. If you love coffee, though, it is more than worth it.


With so many brewing options available, it’s good to know that you can get high-quality, flavorful coffee at home with these Coffee Brewing Methods. 

You may already own a few of these coffee machines. If that’s the case, why not try a few others! Finding the perfect brewing method takes time, but it’s time well spent! 

Test a couple of Coffee Brewing Methods, find the one you like, and without a doubt, you’ll enjoy your coffee!



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