Cat Feeding Mistakes to Avoid

Cat Feeding Mistakes

Of all popular pet choices, cats are one of the most common pets. A survey conducted by the American Veterinary Medical Association, almost 25% of the households in America are cat parents. This might be because cats are low-maintenance pets and are independent enough to take care of themselves. However, this does not mean cats do not require any attention at all.

One of the primary reasons behind cats falling sick is errors in the cat feeding process. Many people may prefer keeping cats as their pets, but they hardly know about cat food habits. Like a human body, cats also require the right cat food to maintain their health and remain fit. Instead of running with the pet cat to the vet every month, it is better to learn the common mistakes that people make while feeding their cats to avoid them permanently.

Given below are some common cat feeding mistakes that every cat parent should avoid:

  1. Failing to create a balanced diet for the cat

Like any other normal human being, cats too, need to follow a balanced diet. They are generally obligate carnivores. Many prefer serving meat to cats. However, meats are devoid of taurine that may lead to loss of vision and heart issues that may lead to the death of a cat. So, it is suggested that cat parents speak with the vets and develop a balanced diet for their cats.

  1. Feeding garlic to treat tapeworms

There are natural remedies that work fantastically in humans. Using these home remedies is strictly prohibited from being applied to pets. Many cat parents consider using garlic to treat tapeworm and deworm cats. High doses of garlic can be detrimental for cats. It tends to destroy red blood cells in cats.

  1. Feeding only dry foods

Although domestic cats get used to surviving in low water intake, this can affect their urinary tract and pose a problem for them to urinate. Therefore, just like humans prefer combining dry and soggy foods in their diet, this rule is also applicable to cat food as well. Also, all cat owners must ensure that their cats are hydrated well. 

  1. Giving too much food

Developing a fondness for pets is normal. What’s abnormal is that out of this fondness, people tend to stuff in a lot of food. As a result, the pets may vomit and fall sick. Again, like humans, the diet of cats has a limit. The needs of each cat are unique, and being a cat owner, one has to identify them. Do not go beyond the cat food guidelines. Otherwise, losing a pet will be an evident incident.

  1. Neglecting signs of food intolerance

Just like humans, cats too are allergic or intolerant to some foods. It is the responsibility of the cat parents to find out what foods their cats cannot tolerate. Likewise, those foods have to be avoided. Instead, cat parents have to give a substitute for those so that the cats do not lack the nutrients.


Therefore, people with little kitties in their homes should avoid the aforementioned cat food habits and pay attention to their diet. As loving cat parents, keep your furbabies in the best possible way.


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