Benefits Of a Body Scrub & Top Recommendations

Benefits Of a Body Scrub

Our skin is a living organ and is in a constant state of renewal, which is good. However, as we grow older, this renewal cycle can slow down, resulting in a delay in getting that fresh, youthful look. If only we could have something that could speed this process along! Well, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what a body scrub does! In this blog, you will know Benefits Of a Body Scrub & Top Recommendations.

Benefits of Using a Body Scrub

Body scrubs are physical exfoliants that usually constitute coarse particles in an oil base. Salt, sugar, and coffee are just some of the popular ingredients in body scrubs. Body scrubs are believed to have been invented by Egyptians, from where it spread to the rest of the world. Here are some undeniable benefits of using a body scrub for your skin.

Removes Dead Skin Cells

The number one function of a body scrub is exfoliation, and this is one of the most crucial parts of overall skincare. The skin has a natural renewal process of its own, which slows down as we age. This is why body scrubs are needed as they move this process along. The exfoliation process scrubs away dead skin cells, revealing softer, newer skin lying beneath. Essentially, regular use of a body scrub increases the speed of cell turnover, which means you’ll be able to maintain a more youthful appearance all the time.

Promotes Better Absorption

When you use a body scrub, you are removing all the dead skin cells built upon the skin’s surface, along with dirt and impurities. The scrub also unclogs the pores and opens them up. This means that whatever you apply to freshly exfoliated skin is better absorbed into it – minus all the dirt! Moisturizing after using a body scrub doesn’t just feel great, it also means that your skin is better hydrated. If your scrub contains any beneficial ingredients, these will also be absorbed into the skin, making sure you get the most out of the products you apply.

Unclogs Pores

The scrub gets rid of the dead skin cells, but it also works on the pores. Clogged pores can lead to a variety of skin issues, from breakouts to acne to blackheads and whiteheads. Body scrubs unclog the pores, flushing out all the dirt and accumulated sebum, leaving behind open, clear pores. Doing this regularly will also help prevent infections from pathogens.

Reduces Acne

If you’re wondering why we’re talking about acne when discussing a body scrub, you must have faced the problem of back acne. This can be quite annoying to get rid of, even if it’s not easily visible to others, like facial acne. Exfoliation and cleaning out the pores go a long way in preventing acne since it prevents oil accumulation in hair follicles and bacteria. While many other factors play a role in acne, there’s no doubt that a body scrub can cut down the risk greatly.

Removes Scars & Cellulite

We’ve seen how body scrubs can prevent acne, but what about existing acne scars? Well, body scrubs work on minimizing these as well. A body scrub gets rid of the dead skin cells on the epidermis, and when done regularly, it slowly does away with scarred tissue. The cell turnover is sped up, which means that new skin rises to the surface faster. The same principle also works on stretch marks, cellulite, discoloration, and conditions like keratosis pilaris.

Now that you know some of the benefits of using a body scrub let’s know how to use one and explore some of the best body scrubs available at Mamaearth. 

How to Use a Body Scrub?

The best way to use a body scrub is after rinsing with warm water and massaging in circular motions. Then, rinse off thoroughly before patting dry and applying a moisturizer. Use a body scrub not more than two times a week, as overdoing it could irritate your skin.

Which Are The Best Body Scrubs From Mamaearth For All Skin Types?

Targeted to promote detoxification and renew dull skin, Mamaearth has two body scrubs perfect for all year round. 

Ubtan Body Scrub with Turmeric and Saffron for Tan Removal

Start your day with a tradition that has been passed down through generations. Reverse skin damage by exfoliating with Mamaearth tan removal body scrub, crafted with the natural goodness of Turmeric and Saffron. 

Turmeric is a natural and super potent antioxidant that reverses sun damage. Saffron soothes the skin and adds natural radiance by lightening dark spots and making it look brighter. Walnut beads in the scrub slough dead skin to reveal glowing skin underneath. Use the scrub to reduce tan, hydrate the skin and nourish it.

Neem Body Scrub with Neem and Tulsi for Skin Purification

A concoction of nature’s most effective ingredients, Mamaearth Neem Body Scrub is crafted with the goodness of Neem and Tulsi. While suitable for all skin types, this body scrub is a boon for oily skin. 

Healing Tulsi soaks up excess oils from the skin and purifies it. Neem is one of the most revered ingredients to heal troubled skin. It finds a mention in the texts of Ayurveda to purify the skin. Walnut beads in the scrub exfoliate the skin, gently sloughing the dead skin, toxins, and bacteria to reveal new skin. 

Neem Body Scrub with Neem and Tulsi for Skin Purification

Get ready to add these healing body scrubs to your bathing regime to get healthy and glowing skin. Which of these scrubs are you going to include in your regime today?

Mamaearth’s products are completely free from any nasties, chemicals, and toxins. The products are dermatologically tested to ensure suitability for all skin types.


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