Challenges Faced By Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Facilities

Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation

Organizations today are facing newer challenges which they have to face head-on. One of these is the rising number of rehabilitation of people suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism. If one wants to be successful in this business, one must familiarize themselves with some of the problems and challenges faced by Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centers. The challenges faced by such facilities include:

  • Securing funding: Funding can be difficult for rehab centers as many areas do not provide sufficient funding for such programs compared to other social issues like education or housing. Hence, most struggling rehab centers make use of free resources like volunteers and non-profit organizations for support. Other sources include donors, individual fund-raising activities, and the use of leftover or under-utilized funds set aside for other purposes.
  • Lack of proper facilities: It is easy to start a rehab center, such as The Process Recovery Center Massachusetts considering that one can function without many basic requirements. However, it is also equally difficult to run the place considering the basic requirements like proper bathrooms, beds, etc., are missing. Many patients’ lives depend on these facilities, so it becomes crucial that they exist.
  • Readiness for change: Some people who use drugs do so because they cannot cope with their problems in life. Rehabilitation programs offer these kinds of people an opportunity to face their issues and resolve them. A lot of effort has to go into actually making sure that these patients are ready to change and willing to be rehabilitated. Since the environment of rehab centers is strict and controlled, it becomes necessary for patients to commit to staying in such programs and start enjoying them.
  • Adhering to treatment: The main aim of Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation facilities is to help people get rid of addictions through therapy, counseling, etc. However, one very important aspect that must be considered while doing this is that when someone has used these drugs or alcohol for such a long time, they form an integral part of their daily life. Hence, despite their addiction, people often tend not to let go of what they enjoy so much. It becomes very difficult for counselors to change these patients because of their addictive nature. Rehabilitation starts with making people understand why they need to get rid of the substance and then slowly helps them do so.
  • The patients’ mentality: Many times, it is seen that when people enter the rehab center, they feel like they are entering prison and hence do not cooperate much. Their behavior can often be very difficult to deal with, considering that many may not have expressed themselves properly or used profanity while addressing others. It becomes crucial for counselors to connect with such people and build a rapport before proceeding any further.
  • Non-compliance: Sometimes, individuals who rehabilitate enter it under certain conditions. Some are ordered by the court to go there, while others do it on their own accord. However, many times they end up not complying with the rules and refuse to follow the program. It becomes very difficult for counselors or rehab center employees to deal with such people as they tend to be very resistant.
  • The craving for drugs: Many addicts finally get a long time away from the object of their addiction, only for them to start wanting them again. This can cause immense frustration in patients who feel like all their hard work has gone down the drain and affects other patients. Addiction is often seen as a disease where one cannot control one’s behavior but instead needs help to come out of it. Counsel spends a lot of time trying to get patients to understand this aspect of addiction.

Rehabilitation facilities for addicts face several challenges. Some are related to drug addiction itself, while others relate to social attitudes towards addicts and their ability to be treated successfully.


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